Tuesday, December 11, 2012

#49 The IKEA Mattress Debacle

I love Ikea.  Where else can you get disposable furniture and Swedish Meatballs in the same store? ok walmart maybe, but STILL, I feel way cooler shopping at Ikea than Walmart!

So I was in Ikea the other day trying to buy a mattress to replace hubs old one in the guest room. We are making it my little girl's new bed for when she transitions from crib to big girl bed. (Which is happening SOON!!! like probably when we move in 10 days!)

I decide to go there by myself and my toddler...and buy a mattress....HAHAHAHAHA

It was like this but without help and a toddler
There is a reason they are so cheap, they don't hire enough employees to help with anything. It's all SELF SERVE.

Well I'm sure I was quite a site pushing a cart with a 2 year old in it while at the same time dragging a full size mattress.

Ikea has a cool feature if you don't want to haul your crap home in your own car where for a small fee of $59 they will deliver your stuff to you the next day.  I thought, Hey this is a great idea! They also said they will take away your old mattress for free! Another win! So I set up the delivery for the next day from 1-5pm.

Why the crap can't delivery people just say, we will call you 30-60 min before we get to you house so you don't ruin your whole day waiting for us to show up?!?!?  WHYYYYY????

So we wait. And wait.....AND WAIT.....I finally get a call at 4:45 with the delivery guys saying they will be there in 30-45 min depending on traffic.  WONDERFUL.
We had a dinner at 6pm that night and I needed to get lil' fuss to the sitter. So I left hubs there to man the fort while I drop the munchkin off.

As I'm driving home, hubs calls me and tells me that the delivery guys wouldn't take the two mattresses and he ended up PAYING them $20 to take it.
Poor hubs. I should have stayed and he should have dropped the fuss off.  I had backup people lined up on craigslist to take the mattress set if for some reason this didn't go through, but hubs didn't know that.
Then Hubs tells me that he heard the guys discussing who was going to GET the mattress set!!! They weren't going to "dispose of it" like Ikea said they were, they were having us PAY THEM for a mattress!!!! ARRGGHHH!!! :)

Well the next day I call IKEA customer service and told them what was up.  They do their research and say they can't do anything about the $20 we paid the movers since there was no "documentation" about it. REALLY?!?!? Momma bear was not backing down. So I told them that on top of that they were late! They look up the documents and the girl tells me that they got to our house at 5:08pm.  I nicely told the woman that they got to our house around 5:30, NOT 5:08...WHICH IS BESIDES THE POINT BECAUSE THEY WERE STILL LATE!!!

So they girl told me she would talk to her boss. I told her how ethically horrible this whole situation was. Especially since IKEA said it would be done a certain way and this third party moving company is making THEM look like the unethical ones.

I got a full refund for my delivery.


I do not love third party moving companies that try to rip off innocent people.

What am I thankful for today?


I'm thugging out in the 30 degree Texas weather! BRRRR!


  1. I love Ikea too but that would of made me mad as well. Grrrrrrrrrr.

    You did good!!!!

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  2. Arg. I got annoyed just reading this.

  3. I wish you could have forced those 3rd party delivery men to take your old mattress. At gunpoint, if necessary.

  4. Well, good for you! Don't ever back down!

  5. Argh, I got irritated just reading this! I like Ikea, but their delivery sucks. I once waited six weeks for furniture I ordered online. We sat on the floor, slept on a lumpy old futon mattress and bought some cheap lawn chairs and a tv tray to eat our meals. It was funny, but also really annoying.

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