Thursday, May 17, 2012

#32 Bangs

So I decided randomly about 8 months ago to cut myself some bangs. I've been wanting to do something different with myself to "mix it up" a bit and i was debating on wither or not to dye blue streaks in it or just cut it differently.

After getting out of the shower one day and staring at my still 10lbs till pre-pregnancy weight but 20 lbs to loose after that body, I grabbed the first pair of scissors I could find, a chunk of my hair and cut. And there they were. In all their glory. I turned to my husband and said " what do you think?" To his reply... "huh..." Not exactly what I was expecting.
This isn't me, but this is sort of what they looked like :)

I brushed this comment aside and quickly got dressed. My friend was on her way over for some much needed hanging out. When she arrived, her first comment was "Interesting..."and we went about our shopping with kids in tow. She said to me finally, " ya know they are growing on me a bit, but they aren't even straight!" As a side note, my friend Heather is Awesome, she will always tell me the truth which most people are uncomfortable with doing ... especially when the truth is crooked and ugly)

Not straight?! You mean when I hacked off a piece of my hair randomly with un-sharpened scissors we use to open boxes with it wasn't a perfect out of a style magazine cut?! I got home and took a closer look at them and they were indeed quite crooked....but it made me smile. I took the scissors and evened them out and reflected on what the crap I just did.

In a nut shell, with things in my life that are so out of my control it was nice to think of something and get results instantly. Yes crooked, GOD AWFUL and not flattering bangs. And it made me feel good about myself....even pretty....which i hadn't felt in a LONG time. And when they grew a little and I posted a facebook picture to build up my self esteem a bit. Gotta love facebook. Instant ego booster. All in all I'm happy i did it...and the blue dye? I got fake extensions that clip in. Works AMAZING and I can take them out when I want to feel more like a responsible adult! check it!
I am SO HARDCORE! lol ok these are red not blue, but I do have blue ones too...

And what am I thankful for today?


The avengers was FAMAZING!!!!!!! please go see if if you haven' GEEK was in OVERDRIVE!!!

I of course had to put my friends husbands and my own into the characters.... I think we should always view our hubbies this was

and yes...I made myself black widow :)


  1. Ehh last time I try to cut my bangs.. lol didn't turn out well

  2. Totally sexy and hot with the new bangs and the red...woop woop!

  3. DIY hair is my thing too. Only I use a razor :(
    Love your avengers pic. Just saw it two days ago and it was amazing. I think i'd be Black Widow too.

  4. Looooooooooved The Avengers! Oh, Joss Whedon, you are a beautiful, beautiful man. Well, not BEAUTIFUL exactly. Talented, though. Definitely talented.

    (And can I just say that Robert Downy Jr's eyes are mesmerizing?)


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