Saturday, October 4, 2014

#56 comic con awesomeness

I just got back from my first comic con and it was AWESOME!!  With the majority of help creating my costume by my ridiculously talented friend Laura Farrar, I think I rocked commander Shepard from the mass effect video game trilogy. To make it even awesomer, the hubs put on a femshep shirt and n7 hat and was "my biggest fan on the citadel"

As a first timer, I really didn't know what to expect so we decided not to bring the girls for this time around, but really they probably could have came. There was minimal scary costumes and half naked ladies roaming around so it would have been fine... But I'm still glad we went just us! 

Here a few things to know when going to comic con for the first time:

1. It's going to cost you more money than you thought.

Parking garage, admission, if you want to buy anything at the booths, if you want a picture with a special guest or get their autograph, costume, food. 

This sweetness of me and my friend "Amelia pond" cost me $20 and $5 for additional I took a picture of it!

2. If you are wearing an elaborate costume, make sure to bring extra safety pins, super glue and whatever else you need to fix it when the costume falls apart!

Women woman rocks! I had just permanent glued my hip panel to my body...boom get er done.

3. If dressing up, always say yes if someone wants to take your picture.  

Come on! That's why you dressed up in the first place right? The attention and support of your fandom towards that genre? Well go ahead and let them take that picture they are geeking out too!

This guy spent 200 hrs creating his halo costume and I was totally geeking out... But he was geeking out at my costume! He even let me hold his magnum for the photo op! Eeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Ok that's all I learned ha! All I know is I'm going back again, and I can't wait to figure out what I'm going to go as!! 

Here's the rest of some pics I took!

My friend brad who created that art right there! 

Best river song I have seen!

Cutest baby leia 
My biggest fan

The back of my costume since I got none with me in it!  


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#55 no kid vacation

Oh how I have missed THIS!!! The coffee is delicious, I'm just using 2% milk as creamer because at 12:37am the only thing open in Tahoe city was the shell gas station...which chips, bean dip, salsa, butterfingers and tea may also have been purchased....but that cannot be confirmed. :) 

The hubs and I have not taken a vacation just us since Santa Fe back in 2011 ... So it's been over 3 years. It is amazing to me how fast and slow time goes when children are involved. It's also amazing to me how giddy I was all day leading up to the vacation! 

Packing was surreal. Just in the carry on alone for once I didn't feel like the world worst pack mule. What? I don't have to pack a million things to distract my children into a duffle bag the size of my 3 year old?! I can just bring my book that I am actually going to READ on the plane?!?! I dont have to pack a case of diapers and wipes because even though I can buy them at our destination, You never know what butt explosions or super pee marathons may occur I the 6 hrs of airport time?!?!


I'll take it!! Hubs and I slept in, and now we are going to go eat breakfast downtown somewhere ... Sigh... Giddy!!!!