Saturday, July 7, 2012


Man, I tell you what, actually working makes time FLY! what has it been like...3,4 weeks since I wrote last?   It cracks me up every time bloggers don't blog for a while and they feel the need to apologize to their readers because they feel guilty or they are letting people down. HA like people are really staring at their reader list and saying...MAN WHEN IS SHE GOING TO UPDATE HER BLOG!??!  Cause they have nothing better to do with their time :)  I do think there are awesome blogs out there that I really really enjoy reading and are excited to see a new post.  But if you post too much I think it looses its potency. That's my excuse anyway :)

I also know that some readers look at their blog list as a "to do" list that they have to check off to proceed in their day. My sister is like that, she literally subscribes to like a million blogs and has to read through every one of them. I witnessed it lol it's a bit funny! But I think she feels like she accomplished something when she does read through them all...and they seem like really cool blogs....AND she loves to read...a lot. (alot) :)

So I wanted to talk about something I don't focus on too much even though it's a big part of my blog...

Coffee Mugs!

Coffee mugs are awesome.

I've started a pin board which you can follow if you want.

Here are my ultimate FAVS

The Ray Gun Mug.  Perfect for sipping and vaporizing all in on sip!

Reflective mugs! 

Fuel Tank Mug.  Clever little thing you.

Stache Mugs! I know its trendy right now to like mustaches but these are AWESOME...and I really liek the model's hair :)

Creature Mugs! Sorpresa! I'm just going to sip this drink here then WHOA! A CREATURE!!!

Lens Mug!  The photographer in me thinks this is just plain cool.

Classic Trek.  lol

The brass knuckles Mug. Taking a PUNCH out of your sleepy morning! 
so cool.

Mr T Mug! I pity the fool who doesn't drink their coffee!

So in case any of you want to buy me any of these mugs...I will be a happy little coffee lady :)


  1. I love the Mr. Tea mug! I actually don't drink coffee. I don't like the smell of it and I cringe at the word.

    Hot chocolate, however, bring it on! I like mugs, too. Mugs and hot chocolate.

  2. Those creature mugs would creep me out but those stache mugs are cool!!! What would someone do if they had really fat fingers and wanted to drink from the brass knuckles mug? Might have to use bolt cutters to remove the mug from their hand if their fingers swelled from the hot coffee. LOL!!!

  3. I blog, therefore I am. Actually, my dad will call me and ask where his pics of his grandkids are if I go more than 2 days without blogging. And he gets mad when I blog about recipes or something other than our fam. It is my outlet too. I love to read blogs. I'm thinking I might drop facebook b/c it is too much and I have my blogs. I am an affirmation girl too, and I think facebook is shallow and blogs are for real:)

  4. Cute mugs - I have a bunch of mugs but am very particular about the way it feels against my lip - and in my grip. So I only use about 3 of them. My husband will get me my coffee and bring it in a different mug and it throws off my whole day (the other 3 are in the dishwasher)

    I'm with Kristi -I like blogging better than facebook. Blogs are for real. I love to read them and I follow a bunch of them - yours now!


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