Saturday, July 14, 2012

#38 Mountain Coffee

I am currently on vacation.

I am in the mountains.

Heaven has to look something like this...right?
Just getting of the plane and I see THIS

Mountain Pond 3 miles into a hike

Hubs looking at Jenny Lake

Why did I move to Texas again? :)  

Just kidding I do like Texas...but it would be better if it had mountains :) But then, wouldn't all states be better with mountains?  

yes. yes they would.

I've been drinking a pretty good coffee I picked up at the Albertson's here in town. Java Delight light roast. Yummy yummy!

Yes I know the picture is backwards...I don't feel like fixing it :)

There was one thing on this trip I wanted to do (besides drinking good coffee) and that was to take my picture by the Celestine Pool in Yellowstone.  

WHYYYYYY you ask!?  Because 20 years ago I was with my family crammed into a minivan in a cross country trip from California to New York for a family reunion.  Well one of the stops was at Yellowstone National Park and I took a picture of myself in front of the Celestine pool (my middle name is Celeste) so my dad said it was my pool.  :)  That picture has been one of those impression moments that you go back to and think fondly of. You know, that time when you had such a great time that every time you think about it, it just captures that trip or memory for you.  

That trip was also the trip that I got my family nickname Tinker Cow. Yes. TINKER COW.  I had a key to my "diary"  (because my 11 year old world needed to be locked into a journal) that was around my neck and in made a tinker sound.  Well at breakfast one morning I was being a butt to my older sister and pretended to drink her milk (which apparently was an unforgivable sin) a she called me a COW. My dad quickly chimed in "She's not a cow!... ( Thanks Dad for sticking up for me!)...She's a TINKER COW!" (dad fail)

And it stuck. forever my family regards me as cow.  
It had grown on me, and now after 20 years it's sort of cute :)  I even turned it into a comic strip in High school called Cow's Unite with the main character being my alter ego T.C....I'll have to share it with you all some time :) 

Anywho, back to this picture.  I descided that when we agreed on where to go for vacation, I would go back to that same spot and take my picture there again.  AND I DID!!!  So here you go!

Notice the key around my 11 yr old neck? :)

So what am I thankful for today?



  1. That is so cool!!! Love that you did that.... I think you're hotter now! ;)

  2. sounds like fun.

  3. Awesome! Love the 20 year difference pic! Have fun without me being there having fun with you!

  4. Oh your vaca pictures are amazing! I'm digging the 20 year difference photo too. Haha that vow is awesome, my brother & our friends call my mom "mama cow". Long story short mom was yelling at one of us and we just ran away calling her mama cow & it stuck. :)


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