Sunday, May 24, 2015

#57 Comic Con 2015 Prep

Well, so it begins. I posted to my Facebook page a bunch of different ideas I was going back and forth with for this years comic con.  Well I decided to leave it to a vote and whichever got the most votes I said I would go to the convention as. Little change though, this year I have decided to bring my daughter Sophia who shares a love for dressing up and super heroes....she even likes Dr. WHO!! (she has only seen the non-scary ones...dinosaurs on a spaceship!)

Here were the choices:
Princess Amidala

Astrid and Valka How to Train your Dragon

Toothiana and Baby Tooth Rise of the Guardians 

Liara T'soni and a child Asari from Mass effect Video games trilogy

Honey Lemon and Gogo Tomago form Big Hero 6

Amelia Pond from Dr. Who

Princess Amidala again. Star Wars

Well the winner is.....Dun dada DUNNNNNNN!!!!

Toothiana and Baby Tooth!

I will document my progress and stuff here.  I found a cool fabric that I think may work for creating our own body suits. Ordered a sample so we will see if it will work!

It's actually a "mermaid" fabric, but since tooth is basically a humming bird, I think this may work perfect! (crossing Fingers).  I think i will need to buy some iridescent yellow fabric paint for the chest neck area. 

Here is my concept art for baby Tooth:

Basically a puffy leotard that has a hoodie! 

OK that's all for now!