Monday, February 27, 2012

#16 take 2 coffee who

So I have to continue a thought process I had in the last post (WHICH WAS SO FUN TO DO BTW!) that was spurred by Mr. Minor (check out his funny blog here).  It's the difference between a GEEK and a NERD and the varying levels of the two.

So since I am still drinking Mr. momentum coffee...meh....(hey I can't be wasting coffee...even $4 MEH coffee! Onion was the only one I DID throw out though),  I will elaborate.

I do have a mug that ties this all in, so I title this one:

The mug i have is my awesome OMEGA BROADCAST COMPANY mug with a VULCAN ear handle!!!! SO COOL!  This is one of the sweetest AV companies in Austin for sure. My Geek is coming out on this one ;) This is the place to be if you need anything related to video production, duplication, or editing (video, photo, you name it) they even have a green screen studio in house....again SO COOL. And the owner David Fry and his wife Pam are the sweetest people, for real.  And YES I do have a gel neck's been a morning that DEMANDS coffee...and THERAPY.  Somehow I stayed up till 2 watching my husband play Fall out 3 New Vegas on the PS3....I blacked out between 12 and 2 right after he got radiation suits for his new posse that will break into the fire station to get....something...All I remember is yellow RAD suit, a pip boy, some 40s music and V.A.T.S.  again playing to the geek, side of things.


Via Urban Dictonary (cause the real one isn't as fun)
Nerd - One whose IQ exceeds his weight. A person who gains pleasure from amassing large quantities of knowledge about subjects often too detailed or complicated for most other people to be bothered with.

Geek - A geek does not have to be smart, a Geek is someone who is generally not athletic, and enjoys Video Games; Comic Books; being on the internet, and etc.

After reading these great definitions, I can't help but think I am a bit more on the Geek side of things than Nerd personally, but there are still things bout me that I know isn't LEVEL 1 Geek. So let's do a quick break down.


And there you have it people! Of course there are so many more intricacies of each category, but seriously, I have been trying to type this stinking thing all day....I'm DONE!

And what am I Thankful for?


All the social awkwardness of geeks and nerds, minus any of the smarts. Hey we have to make fun of someone right? (and yes, I do have a little Dork somewhere in my blood!)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

#15 Coffee Who?

If you are not a Dr. Who fan, this post will make NO SENSE to you whatsoever. Please proceed with mental caution as it has been known to make one crazy and awesome all at the same time.

I have a confession to make. It's something I'm a bit obsessed with and I feel like if I just get it out publicly, like on my blog, (which apparently only 5 of you read so it's not too public) a huge weight will be lifted off of me, because I feel like I've been holding this in for a really long time and I'm done hiding.....




Specifically.... I love video games. Mass Effect and Fable series are my current obsessions. I sometimes think I really am Commander Shepard. (did you hear there is a free download on xbox for 2 hrs of play for ME3!?!??!) I LOVE star wars (except for that STUPID STUPID jar jar binks!) I thought glasses were cool before glasses WERE cool. Battlestar Gallactica? I'm still watching (season 5), Star TREK? TREK YEAH BABY!!! Comic books? X-men please with a little Rogue and Gambit on the side with a sprinkling of batman and a dash of wonder woman. LORD OF THE RINGS!??! I believe I dressed up to go to that movie when it came out (yes I'm THAT kind of nerd).  The matrix? I loved ALL 3 of them, not just the first one! Mario Brothers? King Koopa got NOTHING on me! You already know about my Office obsession, BEARS BEETS BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA!!! I actually probably have more in common with Dwight then I would like to admit. 

I could go on and on and on....but there is one little other nerdy thing I love, maybe not MORE, but definitely equal to the others...


So I title this one today as:
My Mantra

So now given a little background on me, you can guess how much I FREAKIN LOVED this mug that my BF Amy and her hubster gave me for my B-day just about a month ago!  Now I know there are those of you out there that will have no idea what I am raving about. So I say to you, DON'T BLINK! BLINK AND YOUR DEAD! :) hahaha....You are like my own husband who amazingly missed every episode when I was watching... I mean it was there right IN THE CORNER OF HIS EYE !!! He's just a BAD WOLF I guess.  But really, it comes down to that there are some things that are BIGGER ON THE INSIDE THAN THE OUTSIDE. I mean, HELLO SWEETIE!!!! How could you miss this amazing show?!?!  What are you? a CYBERMAN of something?! It's so much more than it sounds! I guess it is HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, just netflix it!  I don't want to reveal any SPOILERS, but the Dr can travel through time and space! It's DALEKtable! Plus this series started waaaaaay back in the 1960s! (It took a break after 1989 and started back up again in 2005) NOTHING for a TIME LORD and his SONIC SCREWDRIVER!!!!   

OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT!!!!!! so what's in the mug you ask? WHO CARES!!!!! MWUAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!  haha... oh geez FINE I guess this technically is a coffee blog and I must talk about the coffee. So saith the BLOGITH OF COFFIES ! (page 58 addendum F...we are very serious about our blogging of the coffies)  
The coffee is so underwhelming that my focus was obviously on the rockin MUG! To be honest I didn't really have high hope for it when I bought it. What we have here is Original Donut Cafe Blend by Momento. It was like $4 at HEB, never heard of it before and I know now why. I mean, I couldn't even find a stock photo on the internet if that tells you anything. PLUS I had the HARDEST time trying to get the stupid thing OPEN! (yes I realize scissors would have solved this issue immediately...but where's the challenge in THAT?!)

It's not like it's horrible coffee or anything. It just wasn't GREAT.  It had almost no fact it didn't really smell good! It actually brewed better than it tasted.  I also have a sinking suspicion that if you actually ate donuts with this coffee it would compliment it very well. It just doesn't have a very strong flavor to it.  Like I said before, a little underwhelming.

And the Jess Rating?

A big Dr.Who Meh-ish

And what am I thankful for today?


you can buy this guy on my ETSY site!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

#14 Judge Not...unless it's coffee

I can't help but see a pattern lately of Judgement running rampantly through the streets. From friends, to strangers to facebook.  There are even pictures going around of people posting what other people think they do at their jobs. EXAMPLE:
Click on me! I'll Grow!
Me too! I grow too!!!

Even RIGHT NOW I know there are people...even certain family members (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) who are judging me for writing this blog....(I can actually hear the voices..."Oh Geez Cow...really? you  don't know ANYTHING about coffee! What the crap are you doing writing about it!? I'm so much better of an expert than YOU Judge judge JUDGITY JUDGE!")  And yes I did refer to a relative calling me Cow. Cow is a family nickname.  I got it at the wonderful mold-able age of 11 that *SHOCK* has actually NOTHING to do with my weight.  Thanks Chantel. Stop judging.

Sometimes perception is not always reality.  FOR EXAMPLE!! When I was younger I taught Sunday School for 5th and 6th graders.  One Sunday, I was literally about to run out of gas and had to pull into the first station I saw...which happened to be in a super bad area of Kansas City. Well I got out and there was a homeless guy hanging out near my pump. I suddenly had thoughts of him kidnapping me, killing me, breathing on me and other unpleasant things so I (without thinking) locked my door and then shut it with my keys inside. BRILLIANT.  At that point I came to my senses and started screaming NO NO!!! trying to get the door open to no avail. WELL! Guess who comes over to help me out? YEP Mr. Stinkybreath himself! That homeless dude came over and helped me pry my car door open just enough to get the lock flipped and my door opened.  I was so thankful (and a bit guilty about my previous thoughts of him) that I bought him whatever he wanted from the gas station....mmmm soda and fav. ha!

So WHY am I going all into this rant about judgey stupids and their stupid faces??    ???  Cause I can :) AND maybe because it also made me think of the irony of picking out coffee.  We judge coffee by it's look and smell and hope that look and smell will transfer to the brewed cup!

(It's a coffee blog...I really needed to reel it back to coffee....i did good right? hahaha)

SO! Coffee Title?

My mug of choice is my hubby's KU jayhawk mug that he has had FOREVER. It is perfect for large amounts of coffee....but not if you are trying to travel in a car...cup holders are not quite big enough!

So what is the coffee today!??!
We got some Kahlua Coffee. Ground coffee, mocha flavored, NON-ALCOHOLIC. I had to put that in there for some of you jumping the judgey gun :)  Sheesh. It's like 8am, did you really think I was drinking the hard stuff at 8 IN THE MORNING?! gross.  Anyway, I thought this coffee would be pretty good since it had a yummy smell and pretty packaging. And for $6.99 at Ross ( yes I bought my coffee at Ross you hypocrite)  it had to be good right? RIGHT?!  And the verdict?  IT WAS YUMMY AND STILL SMELLED GOOD AFTER BREWING!!!! so wait...didn't I just go into this whole rant on how not to judge things and people by their cover and then I judge this one to be EXACTLY how I thought it would turn out?!? WHAT IS MY GAME?!?!?!  WHAT KIND OF MIND MANIPULATION AM I PULLING!??!?!?! hahaha Oh people. Sometimes, in order to see if what you think is true, you have to get into that thing's world and TRY IT YOURSELF TO SEE.   AND THE CLOUDS OPEN UP AND MY MIND IS NOW CLEAR ( angles singing in the background ... AWWW AHHH AWWWWWHHHH!!!!!!)  ha.

Get it?


And the Jess rating for this Judge free coffee?

Two thumbs up, pretty stinking good, you should def buy this gem of a coffee.

And what am I thankful for today?

The Rain!

Come on Lake Travis!!! I'm routing for ya!! FILL FILL FILL!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#13 I heart ....haha get it?! *sigh*

Oh Valentine's Day how I loathe thee....let me count the ways:
1. You force people to show love on one day instead of EVERYDAY. It means SO MUCH MORE to me if my husband gets me flowers or sends me an ecard or a little gift just because he's thinking of me in LOVE.  It's sort of loses it's thrill when its a FORCED thing. yuck.

2. It's a competition to see who's can get the best crap. Seriously. Ever walk into an office and see the desk with 3 dozen roses, a balloon bouquet, a worthless teddy bear with a big stupid heart that says "I luv u" , and the ginormous box of chocolates that will go right to the hips of the women that then asks you ..... " so what did your husband/boyfirend/ANYONE get you?!" with the snide smile that says YOU AIN'T BEATING ME!! I WIN!!!! MWUAHAHAHA!!!!! ......idiot.

3. If you do go out and buy crap, they jack up the prices....roses....that's all I'm saying.

I'm not bitter, I feel very loved! I just don't like this holiday.  The worst though was when I found out my Hubby actually likes Valentines day (Like 2 years ago I found this out!)  We have been married for almost 8 years....haha guess who felt like a jerk.... THIS GIRL!  Really though I think Valentine's Day is a great day for Children. I have nothing against little kids giving valentines or getting sweet things from their family...that's fun and cute. Being a mom now I understand that level of the Holiday so it's still the worst holiday celebrated, but not as bad as I used to think :) ha.

Alright enough of this Lovey Dovey crap! On to the COFFEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I title this:

This coffee mug and the coffee was so graciously donated/ borrowed to me from my very cool friend Katie. Thank you miss Lewis for opening my eyes to some FAMAZING coffee!!! Plus the mug pretty much ROCKS MY FACE OFF.   And YES it's DOES say rockstar.  Cause I AM one! check yeah.

Now for the coffee... all the way from Mexico Cafe Mexicano de Altura or high altitude Mexican coffee whole bean from Ah Cacao.  This coffee is DELISH. I think the fact that you can't get it in the United States too also makes it a little more appealing for exclusivity factor :) It is straight up coffee bean with no additives, just COFFEE in the purest form! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm   Since it's not flavored, it doesn't have that tangy weird aftertaste that normally goes with flavored or nasty coffee (onion anyone?) It's what coffee should be. What all coffee should be based off of! I'm really sad that I only had enough to bre a pot and a half :( (what the crap Katie? You get me hooked and then leave me hanging! hahahaha)

Jess Rating?
Crazy awesome buy it now...oh can't unless you are in Mexico or Canada....

And what am I thankful for today?

my Hubby

because he had to put up with everyone at his work giving him a hard time that he didn't get me anything for Valentines day....because I don't want anything for Valentine's Day....and for some reason, it's REALLY hard for women to understand why another woman would not want crap on this stupid for the record...


if you want to buy discount vday candy the day after I am totally cool with that :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

#12 Stupid robots

I'm going to take a slight detour from my normal Coffee Blogging. I have an AWESOME coffee that I will be reviewing next time. It's delish and it's FOREIGN! But I did something I never did before yesterday and I wanted to take a pause and tell you about it.

Yesterday I completed my first 5k! It was the Cupid's Chase in Georgetown. Brady and I did it together and I think for not training we did pretty good!
On a side note, they had a costume contest where you could win a $200 REI gift card...well of course I wanted to win so I dressed up with a floating cupid attached to me and "heart arrows" coming out of my head with a sign that said "Cupid's Victim"  I thought I was clever and that I had a chance to win! Especially when I saw that no one else really dressed up...until I saw the STUPID PEOPLE WHO DRESSED UP LIKE  FREAKING ROBOTS!                     ROBOTS!       Seriously?! My chances of winning went from "Pretty Good" to the same chance a fat kid has in a candy store of not touching any of the free samples of candy just laying out for him to grab... NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

I mean... COME ON! This is a 5K!!! There will be RUNNING involved. I guess kudos to them for "running" the whole thing hand in hand... SLOWLY... they obviously weren't there for making good time. Next year I'm going to dress up like a dishwasher, make Brady wear an Oven, slap some HEARTS on us and call it "appliances in love".  Then maybe I'll win the STUPID PRIZE.

Oh and this is me crossing the finish line...I nearly passed out and threw up all in the same breath :)  If you look closely you can see the look of pure exhaustion and or terror in my eyes.  Personally I think it's one of my better pictures I've taken... HOT.

All in all I will do this again for sure. Maybe I will actually run a bit and train before the next one :)
The Jess Rating?!
We went from 2 thumbs up awesome to... STOP I'm going to throw up!

Friday, February 3, 2012

#11 Decaf anyone?

Oh man, I tell you what, never knew trying to promote my business would be so exhausting! HAHA Thank God for coffee...for REAL.  (SHAMELESS PLUG) Check it out here! I'm also offering photography for people who need professional looking photos for their products....

This section is devoted to my friend Megan (who I mentioned in the last post) This poor girl can't drink caffeine...I KNOW HORRIBLE RIGHT?!?! I told her I would check out some decafs so she can not waste money buying yucky ones.

This is titled:  The office called, they want their caffeine back!

My mug of choice this lovely morning is my much loved Dunder Mifflin Mug. I stinkin LOVE the office. And I love this mug! Problem is that Brady and I have watched this on netflix only so we are behind like a season or two (we left off at the part where Michael left and they don't know who the manager will be) and I am DYING to know what happened! I hear little leakings of information from people and websites.. STOP IT! I want to find out in order!!! Not a "so in so's prego", and "this guy makes me uncomfortable" or "YOU HAVWEN'T SEEN THAT YET!?!??!" NO I HAVEN'T! so stop "HELPING" me! I will find out when netflix decides to get their lazy butt in gear and post the new seasons :)

ps side note, I don't think I laughed so hard as when Jim pretend to turn in to a vampire to fool Dwight...or when Jim is driving with dwight in the back seat and Jim slams on his brakes making Dwight hit it head on the headrest.... PRICELESS.

So what were we talking about? OH YEAH.... COFFEE! duh  My coffee I decided is the best decaf SO FAR.....drumrolll please....

                                                                                                                                                                 Milstone Caramel Truffle Decalf. I bought the 1.75 oz for about $1.80 at walmart. I actually liked this one! I couldn't really tell, other than my lack of "the shakes", that this was a decaf coffee. It had a really good aroma of caramel and toffee. but a pretty good coffee flavor too!  Not Bad Millstone...Not Bad....considering your other coffee flavors are sort of nasty, it figures the decalf of yours is decent! haha

Jess Rating?
One thumb up, not bad!

And what am I Thankful for today?

My Big Toes

I knew a guy that lost his big toe in an "Epcot Center Accident"...Ben Bo without a Toe we would call him... and I remember it was REALLY hard for him to walk because the big toe helps balance you! I'm also thankful that I'm not stupid enough to jump out of a moving ride at Disney World  and get my foot caught underneath the slowest moving ride... ultimately cutting off my big toe.