Saturday, February 18, 2012

#14 Judge Not...unless it's coffee

I can't help but see a pattern lately of Judgement running rampantly through the streets. From friends, to strangers to facebook.  There are even pictures going around of people posting what other people think they do at their jobs. EXAMPLE:
Click on me! I'll Grow!
Me too! I grow too!!!

Even RIGHT NOW I know there are people...even certain family members (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) who are judging me for writing this blog....(I can actually hear the voices..."Oh Geez Cow...really? you  don't know ANYTHING about coffee! What the crap are you doing writing about it!? I'm so much better of an expert than YOU Judge judge JUDGITY JUDGE!")  And yes I did refer to a relative calling me Cow. Cow is a family nickname.  I got it at the wonderful mold-able age of 11 that *SHOCK* has actually NOTHING to do with my weight.  Thanks Chantel. Stop judging.

Sometimes perception is not always reality.  FOR EXAMPLE!! When I was younger I taught Sunday School for 5th and 6th graders.  One Sunday, I was literally about to run out of gas and had to pull into the first station I saw...which happened to be in a super bad area of Kansas City. Well I got out and there was a homeless guy hanging out near my pump. I suddenly had thoughts of him kidnapping me, killing me, breathing on me and other unpleasant things so I (without thinking) locked my door and then shut it with my keys inside. BRILLIANT.  At that point I came to my senses and started screaming NO NO!!! trying to get the door open to no avail. WELL! Guess who comes over to help me out? YEP Mr. Stinkybreath himself! That homeless dude came over and helped me pry my car door open just enough to get the lock flipped and my door opened.  I was so thankful (and a bit guilty about my previous thoughts of him) that I bought him whatever he wanted from the gas station....mmmm soda and fav. ha!

So WHY am I going all into this rant about judgey stupids and their stupid faces??    ???  Cause I can :) AND maybe because it also made me think of the irony of picking out coffee.  We judge coffee by it's look and smell and hope that look and smell will transfer to the brewed cup!

(It's a coffee blog...I really needed to reel it back to coffee....i did good right? hahaha)

SO! Coffee Title?

My mug of choice is my hubby's KU jayhawk mug that he has had FOREVER. It is perfect for large amounts of coffee....but not if you are trying to travel in a car...cup holders are not quite big enough!

So what is the coffee today!??!
We got some Kahlua Coffee. Ground coffee, mocha flavored, NON-ALCOHOLIC. I had to put that in there for some of you jumping the judgey gun :)  Sheesh. It's like 8am, did you really think I was drinking the hard stuff at 8 IN THE MORNING?! gross.  Anyway, I thought this coffee would be pretty good since it had a yummy smell and pretty packaging. And for $6.99 at Ross ( yes I bought my coffee at Ross you hypocrite)  it had to be good right? RIGHT?!  And the verdict?  IT WAS YUMMY AND STILL SMELLED GOOD AFTER BREWING!!!! so wait...didn't I just go into this whole rant on how not to judge things and people by their cover and then I judge this one to be EXACTLY how I thought it would turn out?!? WHAT IS MY GAME?!?!?!  WHAT KIND OF MIND MANIPULATION AM I PULLING!??!?!?! hahaha Oh people. Sometimes, in order to see if what you think is true, you have to get into that thing's world and TRY IT YOURSELF TO SEE.   AND THE CLOUDS OPEN UP AND MY MIND IS NOW CLEAR ( angles singing in the background ... AWWW AHHH AWWWWWHHHH!!!!!!)  ha.

Get it?


And the Jess rating for this Judge free coffee?

Two thumbs up, pretty stinking good, you should def buy this gem of a coffee.

And what am I thankful for today?

The Rain!

Come on Lake Travis!!! I'm routing for ya!! FILL FILL FILL!!!!


  1. Jessica, you are hysterically funny and I really enjoyed your blog this morning! You really made me laugh! Thanks. I love, and I will hunt this down because of your happy face rating, you little love bug!

  2. "angles" don't sing in the background... unless it's in geometry class.

    otherwise, another great post! :)


  3. REALLY GREG? :) If it weren't for spell check you probably couldn't even READ my post! Ha!!

  4. Expert or not, my day is much brighter because your blog exists. You make me laugh so hard my sides hurt. Don't stop blogging, that's my judgment!


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