Friday, August 23, 2013

#54 save your gym socks for the gym

I like to buy different coffee all the time.  For the most part, every time I have tried a new coffee, it has been fairly palatable.  I think onion coffee was the worst up until this point.

Well people, we have a new winner.

I thought by the cute title and aroma that it was going to AT LEAST be at a mehish level....boy was I wrong! 

Let start off with some positives first:

1. I look amazing
2. I made that mug

That's all I got... can't even get 3 bueno

Before I describe this awesomeness I need to show you my reaction...because sometimes words are not enough... although I will try with the word thing too.

This is what I really wanted to do

Because how, HOW?! can a company produce such a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE product and still be in business?!!?

Ok here it is. The company that makes this coffee brand is Brew La La. The "FLAVOR" is snickerkicker. or as I dubbed it, ODE DE LA GYM SOCK

I bought it for $4.99 (I paid too much). It looked really cute and had a good smell more or less.  I figured, sure why not?! I haven't tried a new coffee in too long! But OMGoodness. HORRIBLE.

 I think what happened was, the company decided to play a big joke on it's customers and get a bunch of bark and sticks from the back of their homes, grind it up, and add some coffee "flavor" to it. And to get that flavor...oh that flavor...Imagine if you will, going to the gym, getting a good workout, putting your socks in a gym bag... the next day repeat with the same socks....FOR A MONTH...and THEN steep them for the flavor. THAT IS WHAT IT TASTES LIKE!!! It's like a musty, nasty UNEARTHLY taste. It HAS to be what they did because IT DOESN'T EVEN TASTE LIKE COFFEE!!!!

Did I mention is was THE WORST COFFEE I HAVE EVER OR WILL EVER HAVE!?!?!? Horrible.

And you know what the kicker is!?!? Here is their description of their company:
 All of our products are created with what we like to call our ingredients for success: love, passion, creativity, joy and a great sense of humor all mixed into one.
Brew La La Coffee offers the perfect blend of delicious flavor with a creamy, rich and robust coffee. Our passion for sharing all things sweet and scrumptious has inspired us to create the perfect coffee blends to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your coffee cravings. The candy counter is now as close as your coffee cup. Now you can enjoy all of your favorite desserts minus the calories. Talk about guilt-free pleasures. The best part of everyday just got a little sweeter with Brew La La Coffee.

They got one thing right...SENSE OF HUMOR that they think this coffee is anything close to DELICIOUS. This could help with weight loss though, because it will easily induce vomiting. Good Times.

Ok ok enough, time for the Jess Rating:
Beyond disgusting, I literally wanted to throw up

And today I am thankful for:


Friday, August 9, 2013

#53 Catch Up

Hello all you people that have stuck around anxiously awaiting my ramblings!  I know it's been 6 months since I have said hello, but I have some REALLY good reasons why. I have shorted them down to a list:

1. I got prego.
opa prego style

2. I moved.
3. I moved while I was prego
4. I moved while I was prego to the country
5. While we moved to the country while I was prego my hubs quit and started a new job
6. The house in the country that we moved to didn't have cable or phone connections.
7. The phone company was going to put in fiber optics but decided after making us wait 2 MONTHS AFTER WE MOVED to not to...just because we were too far out in the country.

8. I tried to potty train lil fuss...and FAILED

9. In the country there are skunks...

10. I ended up having a BABY and not a pony like I had hoped.

11. We got satellite.
12. Satellite stinks.

13. No more netflix or streaming of ANYTHING

14. We bought a lot of movies

15. Movies don't get watched because there is a NEWBORN and 2 yr OLD!

16. Potty trained again...and WON

So as you can see the odds were against me for new postings...

I shall try to begin again.

Things I'm Thankful For:

Breast Pads. That is all.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So if any of you have been keeping track, I haven't written in about a month. It has nothing to do with me not wanting to, but more the fact that once we moved, our new house had no phone or cable run to it yet...therefore NO INTERNET!!!
Thank God I still have a coffee maker!!

I am currently writing at the car dealership, while my car gets a oil change. So sad. Sometimes I will just drive up to a store with wifi and sit in the parking lot trying to update my fb or pay a bill online.

Not having internet is pretty annoying especially when half your life is spent on the computer. But it wasn't just the lack of interwebs, we also didn't put up our tvs ( they got damaged in the move and we were waiting for the whole claim thing to go through) which also meant no video games or movies. And to top it off, our cell phones had very limited access to anything! Like dial up for your phone. Not to mention our 
phone calls would sometimes go through or just cut out or drop at random.

I know that these technologies are now a very intricate part of our lifestyles to varying degrees, but to have them ALL taken away all at the same time, it was a bit of a shock. Now after a month, we are starting to get used to (not so much liking) life without these things. 

So to STAY POSITIVE haha I came up with some things that were actually nice for us not having our normal technology:

1. Productive.
We unpacked our entire house in 3 days INCLUDING the garage. That's right. 3 DAYS. 

2. Early bedtime.
No matter how much patience you have, one can only take so much of a cell that has been trying to load your FB feed for the last 30 min. Might as well go to sleep!

3. Rediscover books.
I am on book three of the C.S. Lewis classics...I can't believe I never read this stuff when I was a kid!

4.Our Dora the explorer is coming out.
We have 5 acres now and have really loved just walking around the woods with our little girl and the dogs. Brings back some lost childhood memories of treasure hunting! So far I have found a deer spine, a opossum skull, trash from the builders and a dog collar that is DEFINITELY not our dogs...gross.

5. We are WORKING the land!
If there is one thing our property does not lack it is ROCKS. We have now made several flower beds, lined our driveway, and made a firepit out of what feels like a scratch of the surface in rocks that are left. What has been nice are the toned biceps me and the hubs are starting to get! WHO NEEDS A GYM!!???

Oh and I forgot to mention this before...that medical condition I gave myself a while back...well it's starting to cause some issues...
I think I had better go see a doctor or something :)

Hello DECAF!