Sunday, January 29, 2012

RIP #10

Well it's a bitter sweet day here. Today, early this morning, around 8:53am there was an accident involving me and my poor black and white London mug....Unfortunately London mug did not pull through.  We thought it was a simple broken arm, but it turns out there was internal damage that caused too much leaking of fluids...therefore we pronounced it "Broken" and it was laid to rest in the kitchen trash can... Rest in Peace...

You will be missed. My set of 10 is now a set of 9...

ANYWAY on the the good stuff...the COFFEE. Melitta Hazelnut Creme Brulee.  Holy mother of God this stuff is FAMZING! seriously. BLACK. WITH CREAM. SUGAR. MILK.  It's simply delish.  Now i really like the folgers, but this has the extra flavor going on for it. HIGHLY RECCOMEND!  I also Tried their Cafe Collection Parisian Vanilla Ground. ALSO FAMAZING. I think I'm going to try them all. They also have a decaf version of the hazelnut creme. (Megan this is for YOU!) for those of you that don't do the caffeine. 

Please go but this coffee now. do it. 6.99 for 10 oz....not too bad for heaven in your mouth!

Jess rating:
CRAZY AWESOME - Drop everything and buy this now...Is this coffee or PURE CRACK IN A CUP!?!?

And what am I thankful for?

BECAUSE THEY ARE MAGIC! Nothing better makes a child stand in awe and wonder "ARE YOU A WIZARD?" Like when I pull out these bad boys out. And for 97 cents at walmart... yep, you can't beat that... priceless....well...k not priceless, you pay a buck, but still, you get my point.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

#9 mystery coffee

Well this one is a quickie! I'm sitting here at the car dealership waiting to get my oil changed, and I see they have a pot of coffee for customers. I'm thinking, why not, I'm STARVING from my fast and it will help keep my mind off of cheeseburgers and fries! Not expecting anything but pure nastiness, I take a cup.

I title This: Don't judge a coffee by it's mug!

The "mug" of choice...(more like this thing or drinking straight from the POT) a very unassuming ordinary styrofoam cup. Nothing fancy, no big whoop, we have all drank form this type of cup before.

Now the coffee....
I had to do a little searching to find out what kind of coffee this was since it was anonymously brewed, already waiting for me to drink it, in it's traditional industrial looking coffee pot. I ended up going through a bunch of cabinets while trying not to look like a CRAZY person....or get questions from onlookers assuming I work here.  I'm going to describe this coffee first before I reveal what it is.  It is barely bitter. Not really WEAK tasting, but more just smooth. I would say this is probably a medium blend. It doesn't have much of an aftertaste and I'm actually quite enjoying it! I've gone back for another cup even! Now mind you, I have not added any creamer, sugar or anything. This is BLACK COFFEE. YUM!  I bet if I added my usual stuff to it it would be off the charts :)  So what Coffee is this I'm drinking you ask?
Drum roll please...

Folgers Classic Roast

WTC?! Seriously?! That's the coffee?! I totally started laughing when I saw what it was.  For all us snobs out there that think the regular stuff is nasty, and are totally going to stop reading my blog cause I APPARENTLY HAVE NO TASTE FOR GOOD COFFEE,  I dare you to give it a try...BLACK.  DO IT. You know you're curious :)

And the Jess rating?

Well Looky Here! Two thumbs up!

And what am I thankful for today?


Dear sweet baby Jesus, if I did not have deodorant to help me disguise my true horribleness, NO ONE would want to be near me. I have been near people that don't wear it, and trust me you start making excuses  to back away slowly....then very quickly! It also makes me thankful that I don't live in Paris where NO ONE wears deodorant! Ever ride a Paris subway? trust me, you don't want to.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#8 Birthzilla? nahhhhhhh not me!

Well thank you all for the Martin Luther King Jr. birthday wishes, it's not too often that my birthday represent freedom from oppression... usually it's just freedom to be a BIRTHZILLA and eat whatever the heck I want! BRING ON THE CHEESECAKE! :) 

Mug of the day? I title it: Don't quit your day job 

My mom wanted to get in on this picture/ mug action! I told her she couldn't go get ready if she wanted to be in the picture. She had to look exactly like she we both just rolled out of bed (because we did just roll out of bed) Obviously she was down :) And if you are saying "HEY! SHE'S GOT MAKEUP ON! CHEATER CHEATER!" I say to you...I slept in my makeup. And nobody likes whiny babies.  If you zoomed in on my pores you could see how incredibly awful they are.  SO SHUT IT.   ANY WHO.... on to the mug

This might be my favorite mug ever. It may make a repeat visit :)  It is a Jessica special, meaning i MADE IT! check yeah...that's right. I CREATED IT!!! MWUAHAHAHA!!!!  I will feature it again and show more details :)

And the coffee? 

We have today a Ghirardelli Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Light Roast. I am currently fasting so I can't add any sweetener or creamer anything. So this is the real deal. I brewed it and gave a great aroma so I got excited that it might be a decent one! I drank a whole cup and it was a little too much for me. I think the fact they added the raspberry part to it sort of ruined it. If they just stuck to chocolate flavor only it might have been better. I could definitely taste a fruity tart flavor to the coffee and that didn't really sit well with me. This is supposed to be fancy gourmet coffee...I wouldn't waste your money. I do want to add though that I think if I had been able to add my normal additives, it would have improved it tremendously. 

And the Jess Rating? : 

And what am I thankful for today?


Cheese just makes everything taste better! There are so many and they come in so many different ways! Cheese sticks! Cheese Blocks! Cheese Wheels! Cheese Balls! Shredded Cheese! I think not beign able to eat cheese right now has made me appreciate cheese all the more. Last night, as I ate my tofu veggie chili, all I could think of was...this could use some cheese.....

Monday, January 16, 2012

#7 happy birthday to me?

Well Happy Martin Luther King Jr day to you all! This spectacular day happens to also be my 31st birthday....whoop whoop...look at me getting old! ( k i'm not REAL old that's like 96 or something) but I do feel older before I get my cup of coffee in me.  I got to wake up thing morning to a sneezing fit that didn't stop till after my hubby left for work...ugh... I hate cedar fever...(all you Texans can relate with me) and the rest of you that are wondering what the heck cedar fever is, just come down to Austin when the cedar start to loose it's is quite epic for you allergy lovers.... haha .. ha.

On to the coffee and mug of the day!

I title this one:  More creamer and sugar STAT!

My hubby decided to join in on the fun in this morning's picture :) I look a little more thrilled than him...but I think that's because I hadn't taken a sip yet of the coffee, and he did :)  Mug of the day is my cute black and white New York City mug with the statue of liberty on it. Always a classic! 

And the Coffee today? Millstone Hazelnut Cream Ground Coffee. I bought the 1.75 oz single brew (THANK GOD) one for a couple bucks a Walmart.  So I thought this one was going to be much better than it was. I started off just trying it black. I think you can tell A LOT from a coffee if you just try to drink it black.  Now please don't misunderstand me. I am NOT one of those hardcore coffee drinkers that like to brag that they drink coffee BLACK and don't need all that other CRAP added to their coffee....It's like they want a medal or something for being SO HARDCORE! YEAH! I'm SUPER TOUGH! BLAH BLAH BLIBBITY BLAH!!! Not me. (k don't get all offended if you like to drink your coffee black and are thinking "hey I drink my coffee black! I'm hardcore! why is she making fun of me?! WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?!" it's OK, take a breath and chill out...drink some more of that black coffee ..smiley face) I like to add stuff to my coffee, and on rare occasions I will drink it black, but i have to be in the's just stick with coffee :)  I think you can really tell how good a coffee is by the taste of if black. So I tried this coffee black...BLUGH!!! Gross.  Not as gross as onion coffee mind you, but not something I want to drink on a regular basis. It was really tangy. Should coffee BE TANGY? I'm thinking no.  So I added my whole milk and some steevia to see if that would ease the nastiness and it did! Very well actually...It was tolerable to drink and it masked a lot of that tanginess I had tasted.

So what is my overall rating?

Um.... Thinking this is a no...

And what am I thankful for today?

Being born

Can you imagine what this world would be like if I wasn't in it?! I can't! lol I'm mean, right now, you wouldn't be entertained by this awesome blog, you would be buying nasty coffee, and wondering what was missing from your life that was leaving such a hole.... :)  
that something would be ME

hahaaa ...ha.  SIGH...time to prep the belly for some awesome Italian grub!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

#6 coffee & mug

Oh my,  I still have that awful taste lingering...I didn't know if I was going to recover from yesterday's coffee....for real... BUT I DID! On to bigger and BETTER coffee's!!! WHOO!!! That's the whole point of this right?... wait ...RIGHT?  YES!!! You gotta eat some onions to get to the onion rings!!! or something like that :)

Today's Title: Joe's got the Ticket to Ride!

The mug for today is my Harley Davidson Motorcycle Mug! I'm so HARDCORE....yeah....Actually I really really love motorcycles and really really want one, but APPARENTLY my husband prefers me ALIVE than dead... psh ...:) DUMB

And the Coffee you ask? What did I go with today that HAD to be better than onion coffee?

Trader Joe's Dark Coffee Dark Roast. THANK YOU Matt and Katie....Such a great coffee to drink after such a traumatizing experience the day before :)  This coffee is darker than I usually drink on a regular basis, but it was surprisingly smooth and not very bitter. It was actually pretty good just black! (Usually I have creamer and or steevia with my coffee) I would definitely buy this again and recommend this  to others for sure. Good choice, good coffee :)

And the Jess Rating?!

One thumbs up...pretty good!

And what am I Thankful for today?!

Good Advice

So my mom came to visit me yesterday for my birthday and on the way home we stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick some stuff up and she tells me that these 2 de-greasers worked really good on her grout. grout is NASTY and I have tried many different techniques to get these STUPID floors clean but nothing ever really did the trick. So I buy these two de-greasers for a whopping $1 each:

and the results?
Before yellow

After Yellow
Before Orange
After Orange

So for 1 DOLLAR!!!! you can clean your grout with little effort involved! SWEEEEEEET

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coffee # 5

So strange thing happened yesterday. Someone left a pack of coffee on my doorstep...I thought...SWEET! FREE COFFEE!!!! nothing better than least that is what I thought. It was a coffee I had never seen or heard of, and it was weird that it just showed up, with no note, no knock, just there..waiting for a lion waiting to pounce on it's prey....

I thought, hey it's sealed, and it was free, it's got to be worth trying.... right?... RIGHT??!

YEP! SO I DID!!  And the result....

Let's just start with the mug at least...start out positive...

Title:  Fancy on the outside, Nasty on the inside

I decided to whip out my never used China for this monumental event of free coffee....what a waste of a perfectly cute set.
It's a Mikasa Platinum Crown set. So pretty....

 Even though the mug comes with a saucer, and I do feel extra fancy drinking from it, what it holds I just can't keep down.....


Cafe Onion whole bean Medium Roast....I should have known better when it read "This Delicious Coffee Blend Has a Nutty Flavor and is Accented with a Hint of Onion".... Dear Lord, what have I brewed?! This is hands down the worst coffee I have ever tasted. This must have been a prank or something because I don't know how anyone could keep this coffee down. It is SO BITTER.... like CRAZY BITTER!!! I can handle a little bitter, but this!? now stinkin way.  It's WAY HARSH too....blah I think I threw up in my mouth a little.... and that tastes better than this coffee....I hate to waste coffee, but I think this one is going into the trash can where it belongs!

And the Jess Rating?!

Stop, stop, it's making me throw up!


If anyone wants me to review a coffee, I will gladly do it, send it my way and I will brew the crap out of it,  but please....NO MORE ONION!!!

And what am I thankful for today?


Enough said.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#4 Coffee and Mug

Oh my goodness did I need coffee this morning! Nothing like chasing your 14 month old around our friends boy's birthday party at Pump it Up last night for 2 solid hours to really make you feel like your age magically tripled over night. I am taking a mental note though because Sophia slept SO WELL last night. I wonder if they have a special rate for 1 hr before bedtime....EVERY NIGHT lol  Nothing like wearing your kiddo out to make for a WONDERFUL evening of silence!

ANYWHO!! On to the mug and coffee of the day!

I title this:  The antidote to poppies....poppies....poppies.....

This sweet mug was a gift from my friend Morganoff. it says "Kansas is Oz-some".   And it IS! Here are some more pictures of it, because my picture above does not quite show how cool this mug is :)

Mug is fun, and the coffee for the day was not bad itself! 

I went with Seattle's Best Level 2. For about $7.60 for 12 oz. it's middle of the road for cost leaning on the higher side.  For flavor it was not bad. Not too harsh, not too week. Good blend of both.  I would say that this one could stand for a repeat buy at some point. I'm curious about their other blends and levels.  It doesn't WOW me, but it's not bad!

On the Jess scale it rates:  Meh ish 

And what am I thankful for today?


Just think about it. Can you imagine a world without toilets?!?! I mean I know they weren't always around, but I cannot imagine having to go outside every time I had to go...or if you were out in public?!?  WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Wear diapers? Gross. Walk around with baggies like we do with our dogs? Blah. No thank you! Toilets are God's gift to's as if He said, "here you go, quit being nasty and contain that junk in a sanitary way...Blessings!"  So thank you Sir John Harington for being so God inspired and listening to that small voice that said..."there's gotta be a better way". 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 3 - I'm so original with these titles...

"So why brew coffee a pot at a time when we drink it a cup at a time?" 
That is the quote from the "KEURIG" site.  Um....excuse me... I DRINK A POT AT A TIME!!!  ok, I really drink it a mug at a time, but it's a continual stream of coffee from the pot to the mug to the mouth....

I'm sure that for SOME people out there this is a dream come true and that it is really awesome. And I'm sure it is awesome.  It's also awesome to burn money for the pretty glow it gives off.... :) I personally like picking out which coffee to try at the store...I love SMELLING the package and just wafting that sweet sweet coffee aroma to my brain!  I love GRINDING the coffee as much or as little as I want to modify how dark or light I want it...I love not just coffee, but the whole PROCESS of making coffee! It's my routine that makes me just a little bit happier in the morning...even though it takes a little longer to make.


lol I'm so dramatic. Sheesh.
On the same note, I'm sure if I was rushing every morning to get to work because I love my sleep and want to utilize every SECOND of possible achieved sleep, then I can see this gadget being useful for sure.

And now our mug and coffee of the day,  title it : SANTA LEFT BY 8'OCLOCK

The Mug of Choice today is my cute Santa mug my bro and sis-in-law gave us for Christmas. It's surprisingly very large in the inside,,,like 12 ounces or something it can hold!...k maybe more like 8oz, but its SEEMS like a lot. Again, gotta get use out of my Christmas mugs before i put them up....

And the coffee... 8 O'Clock original coffee.
K I don't understand how this coffee beat Starbucks AND Dunkin' donuts in taste tests... seriously, it tastes super harsh and has a really nasty aftertaste! but it's CHEAP! so there you go. I will not be purchasing this guy again fo sho :) 

Jess rating - 2 thumbs down and tongue out

And what am I thankful for today?


Because of Google I was able to find out what the crap a stupid KEURIG was! Thank you Google for making me smarter everyday just by a quick "search" My brain thanks you...even though i secretly feel like you a slowly taking over the world.

Day 2

Here's a quick one! I title it: I'm wasting a lot of time on the computer and Im goign to be late for church if I don't get off right now and take a shower!!!

We are still sticking with the Caribou Daybreak coffee today but I added some Steevia sweetener and some whole milk ( thanks Sophia for sharing) 

The mug of choice today is my Christmas Snowman mug with the red snowflake border.  Always a favorite. I have to get as much use out of my Christmas themed mugs before I have to put them up for the season!

Now one thing I'm thankful for today:
Sports Bras

Seriously, have you ever tried to work out in your regular bra....OR NO BRA?!?!?! you either get the worse raw line from your straps, or you get swingy boobs that you have NO CONTROL's very dangerous  and I don't recommend it, unless your chest looks like my 1 year olds...then go for it girl, be FREE!!!

Day 1

I thought it would be cool/ funny to post random pictures of me in the morning with my cup of coffee on facebook...and then I thought, HEY why don't I make a blog about it?!

I mean, why not? there are so many stupid blogs out there that no one gives a crap about, but then, maybe mine is DIFFERENT... yes different....I'm sure that's what all the other stay at home- bored out of their mind- have nothing better to do so I think i'll start a blog- cause everyone else is doing it- mom..... apparently I have nothing better to do with my time so... HERE WE GO ( I actually do have a real paying job and I know that there is nothing wrong wit staying home with your kiddo cause I do, but for example sake lets pretend I don't)

Here is day one pick titled : THANK GOD FOR COFFEE

As you can see the mug of choice for this morning's yawn is my black and white Frankfurt, Germany Mug.

Right now everything is underlined.... WTC!?!? how do you fix that?! Stupid blog, this is why we can't have nice things.... k, I'm going to go with it....

The Coffee of choice is From Caribou Coffee called Daybreak Morning Blend. I got it at our local HEB grocery store. Never tried the stuff and it's surprisingly good. Its more a light to medium blend. Not too harsh like starbucks stuff. The only thing that we have a problem with is that my husband thinks that this coffee is giving him an upset stomach. I can't say for sure, I feel fine, but apparently ever since we started drinking this brand he has been in the poor guy, I think its really from all the fiber one bars he eats personally. Anywho.... There is is.

And then one thing I am thankful for today:

ok I know that was lame and a total DUH , but its day one! Gotta get that one out of the way first before we get any DEEEEEEEPER mwuahahaha.... ah ....SIGH.....