Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 3 - I'm so original with these titles...

"So why brew coffee a pot at a time when we drink it a cup at a time?" 
That is the quote from the "KEURIG" site.  Um....excuse me... I DRINK A POT AT A TIME!!!  ok, I really drink it a mug at a time, but it's a continual stream of coffee from the pot to the mug to the mouth....

I'm sure that for SOME people out there this is a dream come true and that it is really awesome. And I'm sure it is awesome.  It's also awesome to burn money for the pretty glow it gives off.... :) I personally like picking out which coffee to try at the store...I love SMELLING the package and just wafting that sweet sweet coffee aroma to my brain!  I love GRINDING the coffee as much or as little as I want to modify how dark or light I want it...I love not just coffee, but the whole PROCESS of making coffee! It's my routine that makes me just a little bit happier in the morning...even though it takes a little longer to make.


lol I'm so dramatic. Sheesh.
On the same note, I'm sure if I was rushing every morning to get to work because I love my sleep and want to utilize every SECOND of possible achieved sleep, then I can see this gadget being useful for sure.

And now our mug and coffee of the day,  title it : SANTA LEFT BY 8'OCLOCK

The Mug of Choice today is my cute Santa mug my bro and sis-in-law gave us for Christmas. It's surprisingly very large in the inside,,,like 12 ounces or something it can hold!...k maybe more like 8oz, but its SEEMS like a lot. Again, gotta get use out of my Christmas mugs before i put them up....

And the coffee... 8 O'Clock original coffee.
K I don't understand how this coffee beat Starbucks AND Dunkin' donuts in taste tests... seriously, it tastes super harsh and has a really nasty aftertaste! but it's CHEAP! so there you go. I will not be purchasing this guy again fo sho :) 

Jess rating - 2 thumbs down and tongue out

And what am I thankful for today?


Because of Google I was able to find out what the crap a stupid KEURIG was! Thank you Google for making me smarter everyday just by a quick "search" My brain thanks you...even though i secretly feel like you a slowly taking over the world.


  1. lol! Keurig still rocks. We are always in a huge rush! love the new rating system.

  2. Yeah I thought I should have some sort of scale to judge these coffee's by :) this works!!!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the scale system! Reminds me of our original bride gown and wedding scale markers! Loved this post- keep it up!

  4. 8o'clock is NOT a favorite in our house. Love your picture girl! Keep these awesome posts going!!!


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