Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 2

Here's a quick one! I title it: I'm wasting a lot of time on the computer and Im goign to be late for church if I don't get off right now and take a shower!!!

We are still sticking with the Caribou Daybreak coffee today but I added some Steevia sweetener and some whole milk ( thanks Sophia for sharing) 

The mug of choice today is my Christmas Snowman mug with the red snowflake border.  Always a favorite. I have to get as much use out of my Christmas themed mugs before I have to put them up for the season!

Now one thing I'm thankful for today:
Sports Bras

Seriously, have you ever tried to work out in your regular bra....OR NO BRA?!?!?! you either get the worse raw line from your straps, or you get swingy boobs that you have NO CONTROL's very dangerous  and I don't recommend it, unless your chest looks like my 1 year olds...then go for it girl, be FREE!!!


  1. yes, please venture beyond coffee, no a coffee drinker, but I am thankful for sports bras too.
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  2. How in the world do you not drink coffee!??!

  3. I don't either. :)

  4. WHHHAAAAATTT???? am I in the twilight zone here? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? :)

  5. I am very thankful for sports bra!!! I will not allow these girls to be bomping around while I work out! LOL
    Love your blog! I shall follow you!


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