Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#8 Birthzilla? nahhhhhhh not me!

Well thank you all for the Martin Luther King Jr. birthday wishes, it's not too often that my birthday represent freedom from oppression... usually it's just freedom to be a BIRTHZILLA and eat whatever the heck I want! BRING ON THE CHEESECAKE! :) 

Mug of the day? I title it: Don't quit your day job 

My mom wanted to get in on this picture/ mug action! I told her she couldn't go get ready if she wanted to be in the picture. She had to look exactly like she we both just rolled out of bed (because we did just roll out of bed) Obviously she was down :) And if you are saying "HEY! SHE'S GOT MAKEUP ON! CHEATER CHEATER!" I say to you...I slept in my makeup. And nobody likes whiny babies.  If you zoomed in on my pores you could see how incredibly awful they are.  SO SHUT IT.   ANY WHO.... on to the mug

This might be my favorite mug ever. It may make a repeat visit :)  It is a Jessica special, meaning i MADE IT! check yeah...that's right. I CREATED IT!!! MWUAHAHAHA!!!!  I will feature it again and show more details :)

And the coffee? 

We have today a Ghirardelli Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Light Roast. I am currently fasting so I can't add any sweetener or creamer anything. So this is the real deal. I brewed it and gave a great aroma so I got excited that it might be a decent one! I drank a whole cup and it was a little too much for me. I think the fact they added the raspberry part to it sort of ruined it. If they just stuck to chocolate flavor only it might have been better. I could definitely taste a fruity tart flavor to the coffee and that didn't really sit well with me. This is supposed to be fancy gourmet coffee...I wouldn't waste your money. I do want to add though that I think if I had been able to add my normal additives, it would have improved it tremendously. 

And the Jess Rating? : 

And what am I thankful for today?


Cheese just makes everything taste better! There are so many and they come in so many different ways! Cheese sticks! Cheese Blocks! Cheese Wheels! Cheese Balls! Shredded Cheese! I think not beign able to eat cheese right now has made me appreciate cheese all the more. Last night, as I ate my tofu veggie chili, all I could think of was...this could use some cheese.....

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