Thursday, January 12, 2012

#6 coffee & mug

Oh my,  I still have that awful taste lingering...I didn't know if I was going to recover from yesterday's coffee....for real... BUT I DID! On to bigger and BETTER coffee's!!! WHOO!!! That's the whole point of this right?... wait ...RIGHT?  YES!!! You gotta eat some onions to get to the onion rings!!! or something like that :)

Today's Title: Joe's got the Ticket to Ride!

The mug for today is my Harley Davidson Motorcycle Mug! I'm so HARDCORE....yeah....Actually I really really love motorcycles and really really want one, but APPARENTLY my husband prefers me ALIVE than dead... psh ...:) DUMB

And the Coffee you ask? What did I go with today that HAD to be better than onion coffee?

Trader Joe's Dark Coffee Dark Roast. THANK YOU Matt and Katie....Such a great coffee to drink after such a traumatizing experience the day before :)  This coffee is darker than I usually drink on a regular basis, but it was surprisingly smooth and not very bitter. It was actually pretty good just black! (Usually I have creamer and or steevia with my coffee) I would definitely buy this again and recommend this  to others for sure. Good choice, good coffee :)

And the Jess Rating?!

One thumbs up...pretty good!

And what am I Thankful for today?!

Good Advice

So my mom came to visit me yesterday for my birthday and on the way home we stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick some stuff up and she tells me that these 2 de-greasers worked really good on her grout. grout is NASTY and I have tried many different techniques to get these STUPID floors clean but nothing ever really did the trick. So I buy these two de-greasers for a whopping $1 each:

and the results?
Before yellow

After Yellow
Before Orange
After Orange

So for 1 DOLLAR!!!! you can clean your grout with little effort involved! SWEEEEEEET

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