Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#4 Coffee and Mug

Oh my goodness did I need coffee this morning! Nothing like chasing your 14 month old around our friends boy's birthday party at Pump it Up last night for 2 solid hours to really make you feel like your age magically tripled over night. I am taking a mental note though because Sophia slept SO WELL last night. I wonder if they have a special rate for 1 hr before bedtime....EVERY NIGHT lol  Nothing like wearing your kiddo out to make for a WONDERFUL evening of silence!

ANYWHO!! On to the mug and coffee of the day!

I title this:  The antidote to poppies....poppies....poppies.....

This sweet mug was a gift from my friend Morganoff. it says "Kansas is Oz-some".   And it IS! Here are some more pictures of it, because my picture above does not quite show how cool this mug is :)

Mug is fun, and the coffee for the day was not bad itself! 

I went with Seattle's Best Level 2. For about $7.60 for 12 oz. it's middle of the road for cost leaning on the higher side.  For flavor it was not bad. Not too harsh, not too week. Good blend of both.  I would say that this one could stand for a repeat buy at some point. I'm curious about their other blends and levels.  It doesn't WOW me, but it's not bad!

On the Jess scale it rates:  Meh ish 

And what am I thankful for today?


Just think about it. Can you imagine a world without toilets?!?! I mean I know they weren't always around, but I cannot imagine having to go outside every time I had to go...or if you were out in public?!?  WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Wear diapers? Gross. Walk around with baggies like we do with our dogs? Blah. No thank you! Toilets are God's gift to us...it's as if He said, "here you go, quit being nasty and contain that junk in a sanitary way...Blessings!"  So thank you Sir John Harington for being so God inspired and listening to that small voice that said..."there's gotta be a better way". 


  1. Ha Ha! I AM THANKFUL for toilets! ;-) Love it! lol

  2. Yeah!! My mug. I totally forgot that I gave you that. :)

  3. How could you forget getting me something like that woman?!!?


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