Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coffee # 5

So strange thing happened yesterday. Someone left a pack of coffee on my doorstep...I thought...SWEET! FREE COFFEE!!!! nothing better than least that is what I thought. It was a coffee I had never seen or heard of, and it was weird that it just showed up, with no note, no knock, just there..waiting for a lion waiting to pounce on it's prey....

I thought, hey it's sealed, and it was free, it's got to be worth trying.... right?... RIGHT??!

YEP! SO I DID!!  And the result....

Let's just start with the mug at least...start out positive...

Title:  Fancy on the outside, Nasty on the inside

I decided to whip out my never used China for this monumental event of free coffee....what a waste of a perfectly cute set.
It's a Mikasa Platinum Crown set. So pretty....

 Even though the mug comes with a saucer, and I do feel extra fancy drinking from it, what it holds I just can't keep down.....


Cafe Onion whole bean Medium Roast....I should have known better when it read "This Delicious Coffee Blend Has a Nutty Flavor and is Accented with a Hint of Onion".... Dear Lord, what have I brewed?! This is hands down the worst coffee I have ever tasted. This must have been a prank or something because I don't know how anyone could keep this coffee down. It is SO BITTER.... like CRAZY BITTER!!! I can handle a little bitter, but this!? now stinkin way.  It's WAY HARSH too....blah I think I threw up in my mouth a little.... and that tastes better than this coffee....I hate to waste coffee, but I think this one is going into the trash can where it belongs!

And the Jess Rating?!

Stop, stop, it's making me throw up!


If anyone wants me to review a coffee, I will gladly do it, send it my way and I will brew the crap out of it,  but please....NO MORE ONION!!!

And what am I thankful for today?


Enough said.


  1. I do want you to try It is amazing, I am not drinking caffiene right now, so someone should enjoy it!


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