Friday, April 13, 2012

#27 No Drama Mama

I love it when people say they don't want any drama and yet they are the exact reason there is drama in the world.  

I mean, drama can actually be a good thing. I enjoyed seeing Wicked for my B-day; great musical! I hear Mad Men is a good show; with costumes to die for(minus the adulterous men & women running rampant). I even have degree from college in the dramatic arts... B.A. in theater...or THEATRE if you want to get fancy..and yes that is an actual degree and YES I have used it in the real world for a REAL job that paid me REAL money (lighting designer BOOM so shut it ). The dramatic arts are a wonderful thing when used for good.  BUT WHEN USED FOR EVIL.......  (spoken in loud theater announcer voice...male) DISASTER BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION WILL OCCUR!!!!(in phantom of the opera voice) DUN DUN DUHHHHHH!!!!!

I have on occasion been the one to "stir the pot" if you will. *GASP* I KNOW! not ME!?!? yes. me.  I was  very young so I chalking it up to teenage hormones and plain stupidity.  Yes. That was it.... There was an incident where I got a dead bird and put it in a boy's locker as a JOKE haha JOKE! and when I told my friends they all acted like I was NUTS and berated me about what a WEIRDO I was and HOW COULD I DO SUCH A GROSS THING??? So being the not easily swayed girl that I was, I immediately took it out of his locker before he came because I didn't want to be known as the weird bird girl! I was known for the family nick name Tinker Cow instead...MUCH better.  And the whole reason I even thought to do such a thing was because all the girls loved HATED this boy and we were all "pranking" each other.  At "war:" if you will. Stupid teenagers. and YES That was REALLY WEIRD AND GROSS and I can't believe I even thought to do that... like a crazy person or something. Again...crazy teenager hormones...yes yes yes.

As I have gotten older, my brain has regained consciousness and my sanity has come back to me...mostly...  I think that's why I love a simple cup of coffee. There's no drama. It's yummy, it give me a caffeine boost, and it doesn't try to get me to join their crusade of hating tea.

Instead I have joined a crusade to hate fat...I have joined weight watchers...dear lord give me strength!

Ps my coffee is only 2 points!!!


  1. Girl, you hit the nail on the head with the very 1st line of your post today. The people who say they don't want any drama are the very ones who cause the MOST drama. WHEW!!!!!!!

    Good luck with Weight Watchers. It really does work.

  2. Dead Bird- LOL! Good luck on WW! You will rock it!

  3. May the fat melt off and the drama be only the kind that you want! (


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