Saturday, April 7, 2012

#25 Tebow and Jesus sitting on a hill....

So I realize that I have neglected this blog for almost 2 weeks...GOOD LORD HAS IT REALLY BEEN 2 WEEKS?!?! I know most of you could care less and are mildly amused that you have ANOTHER blog to read, but sheesh, 2 weeks?  BLOG FAIL. Honestly I have gotten so much business from saying I will photography people now instead of inadament objects that it has consumed almost all my free time...AND SOME COFFEE TIME!!! insanity. I. know. it has to STOP! ok not really becuase i am actually getting paid REAL money for the photos, so I won't stop taking them...but maybe i can manage my time a little better? yes? I think so!

So the big news of the day is that Tim Tebow is coming to my church for our Easter service!  For those of you who are unaware of whom Tim Tebow is, he was the rock star quarterback for the Broncos (a football team for those of you who REALLY are out of the loop) who was just traded to the Jets.  He is also a very devote Christian.  Apparently he just called up our pastors and said he wanted to speak at our church...which of course my pastor said YES to. Here's a little clip from the news:

So as I'm looking through stories for today on the various news sites, since this has been a newsworthy topic seeing how Easter is tomorrow and Tebow is all over the news from the trade, all I am seeing in the comments is HATE. People being rude, mean, and outright jerks.  Here are some fun examples I have just pulled. I decided to have fun with my retorts...

Tom Brumfield ·  Top Commenter
I have lived in Texas, they certainly have 20,000 retards available.

Wow really dude? So you're coming too?! HA. My down syndrome brother has more class than you.  

DJcamp 07:44 AM
Apr 7, 2012

This guy is going to be a better cult leader than a QB......

Because that can be the only reason why a bunch of people would want to hear hi,m speak...CULT OF TEBOW UNITE!!!

mullman7675 says:Apr 6, 2012 12:16 PM
Tebow will be featured in the center ring, clowns coming out of small cars in the left and the bearded lady will steal the show from the third ring. The circus is in town people, make sure you get your tickets early…

So Easter service featuring a guest speaker is now a circus... bring on the popcorn

pantherpro says:Apr 6, 2012 12:45 PM
What a pathetic place to live. With a moron for a Govenor what would you expect from these hillbillies?
What's a GO VE NOR? And YES my husband IS my cousin! You got us PEGGED!
pray in secret, not as the hypocrites do...praying in public isn't about ones devotion to god, but a concern of how others feel about is a grandstanding thing, a prideful thing...not a "GODLY" thing....but there is always a false prophet to tell people like tebow he is doing "god's work"....these people are in it for themselves, not GOD...but they want to bask in the glory that Gods name shadows them with....god doesn't have a true is a spiritual thing.

WHAAAAAAT?????? Dear sweet Jesus is this why everyone hates us?
23 minutes ago (12:58 PM)
When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag, a football shirt and carrying a cross.

Oh don't forget we will all have guns too!
37 minutes ago (12:45 PM)
Pray away the gay TIM, that's why Denver really dumped you,RIGHT.

I thought we couldn't say "gay" anymore?
12 hours ago ( 1:03 AM)
religion is for brainwashing simple minded suckers.......

Hmmmm I didn't realize that doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers, bioware software writers  etc. were simple minded people...silly me! I must be simple minded!

Oh I could go on and on, but the fun must end ;) Bottom line is best said by my pastor:

“Obviously it’s our Super Bowl,” said Joe Champion, pastor at the Celebration Church. “Easter is the resurrection of Christ, which we celebrate in our faith. We feel like it’s going to be a testimony to the community. We want it to be a family event.”

“There will be the sacredness of Easter. It’s not a Tim Tebow show. It’s not about a celebrity. There’s really only one celebrity that we are going to honor and highlight,” added Pastor Champion.
So regardless of what your beliefs are, just remember, all things in LOVE.  When anger and hate gets mixed in it causes nothing but yuckiness and skews what is supposed to be a beautiful thing. Nobody's perfect. We all mess up and make idiots of ourselves (Tom Brumfield )  Just remember the golden rule treat others like how you want to be treated.  Simple. Easy.
And you better believe I will be waiting in line to load up on a bus to drive me to the hill with blankets, burritos and my family in tow to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. HECK YEAH. What's Easter morning without a little breakfast burrito? Mmmmmm mmmmm!

Check out easteronthehill to find out about it!


  1. I have a lot of things I disagree with in this world, but have never felt the need to spend my time being hateful and knocking people down.

    I have been called simple-minded many times because of my faith. My Master's degree and years of working with youth both in this country and others don't get taken into account.

    It is the most simple minded argument. If you don't have a decent defense for your beliefs, then call your opponent stupid.

    I would love to be at your church Sunday. Hopefully, you can have a peaceful service and not have the nasty people show up trying to ruin everything.

  2. Thanks Brett, we would love to have ya! It does amaze me that people will just resort to name calling... what are we? 3?

  3. Wow, I would love to be there! I believe that the world is full of stupid people who are jealous that they have made no difference in the world. I heard that before each game he flies a family in with free tickets to the game (usually with a handicapped child) and he spends quality time with them. I think that says more than anything...

    Yeah, missed ya!

  4. There will always be haters. Jesus had them..


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