Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#26 Patriotic Beanies and Such

I know it also feels like I haven't reviewed a coffee in ages and that's just silly....3 weeks is not AGES. 

I title this one:
Beanies are BACK baby!

First I want to say that after looking at this picture....I'm going on a diet. Tomorrow. For REAL. The double chin flapping at me is distracting.  Second, my mug is this high tech plastic mug from the air force. It's pretty nifty. No I am not in the air force or have immediate family in the air force...but I feel like I'm supporting them every time I take a sip...Hubby got it back when we were living in Colorado at some convention or something....*sigh* Colorado.....so...pretty.......

ANYWHO I'm Über patriotic...actually not as patriotic as these guys.... 
Well ok I might wear that outfit to a Halloween party or something.... but I think you get my point! I actually don't ever let my American flag touch the ground. and Instead of disposing of my old flags that have torn or just worn out, I hang them in my garage because i don't think you should throw them out...I think there's a law or something against that? right?  So what I am trying to say is I support the Troops! haha! 

Now. The Coffee.
I found this coffee at Marshalls.  lol I know, MARSHALLS!!!  It's Beanies Amaretto Almond Roast & Ground Flavour Coffee. It was $5.99 for 4.4 oz....so it's a little more expensive than the normal fare I buy.  So worth it though. This stuff is DELICIOUS! I thought I was drinking something high calorie it was so good.  Apparently this coffee in made in the UK. lol So much for my patriotic theme! But since those guys are tea experts, how could they not make good coffee?! I've drank this several different ways...
  • Black:  Yummy with strong amaretto aroma. Not very bitter. Smooth.
  • With creamer and sugar: OMG my mouth is in heaven! Decadent! I am drinking a dessert!
  • Brewed with an unflavored coffee: Lovely. Tastes like a yummy flavored coffee that is not too strong.

So all around this coffee rocks my face off. I just wish I had more of it.

Jess Rating?
Crazy awesome you have to go and buy this NOW!!!

And what am I thankful for today?

The ability to read.

I just finished the Hunger Games Trilogy ( one week, 3 books!) and it was so so so good.  The fact you are reading this right now...AREN'T YOU SO THANKFUL!? lol 

here's a little parody of the hunger games. hilarious.



  1. Those books were sooooooo good. Well, except for Mockingjay. Bah.

    1. I KNOW! I read the first 2 in 2 days and the last one took me almost a week...just so ... MEH


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