Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#28 You put de cream in de coconut and drink dem bot up

COFFEE REVIEW DAY!!!!  Can I tell you how much I love coffee? Please? It actually has a physical effect on me...I think it's because I have an unhealthy addiction to it :) I'm actually serious...I drink WAY too much coffee. Well Monday I decided I really needed to run the coffee pot through the dishwasher since it had been a while since I really REALLY washed it...gross I know...leave me alone.Well I ended up not brewing any coffee OR buying any coffee since I didn't leave the premises of my home (Laundry and yard work day joy of joys) I had the most amazing headache all day. ALL FREAKIN' DAY! I tried as many pills that the doctor on the bottle recommended to no avail. Plus I was nauseous from combo of the coffee* the day before and weight watchers.  And NO I'm NOT PREGO! For the love why do you always assume I'm prego every time I'm sick!?!? :)

*Side Note:  I ran out of the coffee I am reviewing today so we combined it with some leftover 8O'clock that I should have thrown out after this review. Hubs unknowingly ground some and added it to the remaining pot. We felt sick ALL DAY. Stomaco no bueno y duele mucho. Check yeah I wrote espanol people. BOOMO.

So lesson I learned: Never stop drinking coffee, and never drink anything with a time on it's title :)


I title this:
You put de cream in de coconut and drink dem bot up...

The mug of choice if from my College days at you can see the mug is very worn! That was the best side that wasn't totally rubbed off. Glad to see my college produces quality products that last... ha.  I do miss my college days a bit. I was on the track team...I BET YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT I DID!?!??!  I'll give you a hint... I had to wear special shoes for the 3 different events I did...
Well I let you know at the end of this blog :) Now, ON TO THE COFFEE!!!  

like my nails? that's how i roll
I bought a 12 oz package of Spice exchange Hawaiian Coconut medium roast at Marshalls (again) for $4.99!! I thought, if it was craptastic, at least it would be cheap! But it was so NOT craptastic! It was quite yummy! Not as potent as the last coffee I brewed, but it had a hint of coconut that made the whole thing just yummy yummy.  I really should go back to Marshalls and see if they have any more. I checked out the website on the package, but it looks like they don't make this coffee anymore. SAD FACE.

And what is the Jess Rating?
Two thumbs enthusiastically up! Drink em if you got em!

And what am I thankful for today?

Fond Memories

I love looking back through old photos of fun times.  It makes me wish for those times again, but then I remember that my life is pretty awesome(totally bragging) and I would HATE HATE HATE to be single again. haha stupid dating. People are dumb. lol  
So what events did I do in College?

me and my girls at JCCC :)
My sis and I did it one year together!
Any guesses yet? UMKC crew
I was a thrower!!!!  Hammer was my fav


Regionals third in Hammer :)


  1. You probably had a headache all day because you didn't have any coffee. Caffeine withdraw can do that to you. You're lucky you didn't go into DT's.

    1. def caffeine withdrawal! what a horrible thing...caffeine everyday? YES PLEASE

  2. I actually don't drink coffee but luv me some hot chocolate!

  3. And now I have that song in my head. And also I'm dreaming of coconut rum cream, which is basically the most wonderful thing in Jamaica and all the world.

    (P.S. I can get to you through bloglovin, but your blogger profile - when you comment - is blocked. Is that on purpose?)

    1. Such a great song...and WTC? why is my profile blocked? I'll have to change that mother :)


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