Sunday, February 5, 2012

#12 Stupid robots

I'm going to take a slight detour from my normal Coffee Blogging. I have an AWESOME coffee that I will be reviewing next time. It's delish and it's FOREIGN! But I did something I never did before yesterday and I wanted to take a pause and tell you about it.

Yesterday I completed my first 5k! It was the Cupid's Chase in Georgetown. Brady and I did it together and I think for not training we did pretty good!
On a side note, they had a costume contest where you could win a $200 REI gift card...well of course I wanted to win so I dressed up with a floating cupid attached to me and "heart arrows" coming out of my head with a sign that said "Cupid's Victim"  I thought I was clever and that I had a chance to win! Especially when I saw that no one else really dressed up...until I saw the STUPID PEOPLE WHO DRESSED UP LIKE  FREAKING ROBOTS!                     ROBOTS!       Seriously?! My chances of winning went from "Pretty Good" to the same chance a fat kid has in a candy store of not touching any of the free samples of candy just laying out for him to grab... NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

I mean... COME ON! This is a 5K!!! There will be RUNNING involved. I guess kudos to them for "running" the whole thing hand in hand... SLOWLY... they obviously weren't there for making good time. Next year I'm going to dress up like a dishwasher, make Brady wear an Oven, slap some HEARTS on us and call it "appliances in love".  Then maybe I'll win the STUPID PRIZE.

Oh and this is me crossing the finish line...I nearly passed out and threw up all in the same breath :)  If you look closely you can see the look of pure exhaustion and or terror in my eyes.  Personally I think it's one of my better pictures I've taken... HOT.

All in all I will do this again for sure. Maybe I will actually run a bit and train before the next one :)
The Jess Rating?!
We went from 2 thumbs up awesome to... STOP I'm going to throw up!


  1. Congrats, my fave 5k is keep austin weird. I like your costume better.

  2. I am so glad you and Brady ran! Fun start to a great activity to do together! I'm so sorry you didn't win. Did
    you wear the socks? I thought you looked quite Valentinish! You are wonderfully creative and so I have great hope for next year, now that you know what you are dealing with! All in all, I love that you followed through! You are the best Jessica! I had to put anonymous, because I don't have a g-mail account. But this is me, your birthday surprisee!


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