Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#13 I heart ....haha get it?! *sigh*

Oh Valentine's Day how I loathe thee....let me count the ways:
1. You force people to show love on one day instead of EVERYDAY. It means SO MUCH MORE to me if my husband gets me flowers or sends me an ecard or a little gift just because he's thinking of me in LOVE.  It's sort of loses it's thrill when its a FORCED thing. yuck.

2. It's a competition to see who's can get the best crap. Seriously. Ever walk into an office and see the desk with 3 dozen roses, a balloon bouquet, a worthless teddy bear with a big stupid heart that says "I luv u" , and the ginormous box of chocolates that will go right to the hips of the women that then asks you ..... " so what did your husband/boyfirend/ANYONE get you?!" with the snide smile that says YOU AIN'T BEATING ME!! I WIN!!!! MWUAHAHAHA!!!!! ......idiot.

3. If you do go out and buy crap, they jack up the prices....roses....that's all I'm saying.

I'm not bitter, I feel very loved! I just don't like this holiday.  The worst though was when I found out my Hubby actually likes Valentines day (Like 2 years ago I found this out!)  We have been married for almost 8 years....haha guess who felt like a jerk.... THIS GIRL!  Really though I think Valentine's Day is a great day for Children. I have nothing against little kids giving valentines or getting sweet things from their family...that's fun and cute. Being a mom now I understand that level of the Holiday so it's still the worst holiday celebrated, but not as bad as I used to think :) ha.

Alright enough of this Lovey Dovey crap! On to the COFFEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I title this:

This coffee mug and the coffee was so graciously donated/ borrowed to me from my very cool friend Katie. Thank you miss Lewis for opening my eyes to some FAMAZING coffee!!! Plus the mug pretty much ROCKS MY FACE OFF.   And YES it's DOES say rockstar.  Cause I AM one! check yeah.

Now for the coffee... all the way from Mexico Cafe Mexicano de Altura or high altitude Mexican coffee whole bean from Ah Cacao.  This coffee is DELISH. I think the fact that you can't get it in the United States too also makes it a little more appealing for exclusivity factor :) It is straight up coffee bean with no additives, just COFFEE in the purest form! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm   Since it's not flavored, it doesn't have that tangy weird aftertaste that normally goes with flavored or nasty coffee (onion anyone?) It's what coffee should be. What all coffee should be based off of! I'm really sad that I only had enough to bre a pot and a half :( (what the crap Katie? You get me hooked and then leave me hanging! hahahaha)

Jess Rating?
Crazy awesome buy it now...oh wait...you can't unless you are in Mexico or Canada....

And what am I thankful for today?

my Hubby

because he had to put up with everyone at his work giving him a hard time that he didn't get me anything for Valentines day....because I don't want anything for Valentine's Day....and for some reason, it's REALLY hard for women to understand why another woman would not want crap on this stupid holiday....so for the record...


if you want to buy discount vday candy the day after I am totally cool with that :)

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