Thursday, February 23, 2012

#15 Coffee Who?

If you are not a Dr. Who fan, this post will make NO SENSE to you whatsoever. Please proceed with mental caution as it has been known to make one crazy and awesome all at the same time.

I have a confession to make. It's something I'm a bit obsessed with and I feel like if I just get it out publicly, like on my blog, (which apparently only 5 of you read so it's not too public) a huge weight will be lifted off of me, because I feel like I've been holding this in for a really long time and I'm done hiding.....




Specifically.... I love video games. Mass Effect and Fable series are my current obsessions. I sometimes think I really am Commander Shepard. (did you hear there is a free download on xbox for 2 hrs of play for ME3!?!??!) I LOVE star wars (except for that STUPID STUPID jar jar binks!) I thought glasses were cool before glasses WERE cool. Battlestar Gallactica? I'm still watching (season 5), Star TREK? TREK YEAH BABY!!! Comic books? X-men please with a little Rogue and Gambit on the side with a sprinkling of batman and a dash of wonder woman. LORD OF THE RINGS!??! I believe I dressed up to go to that movie when it came out (yes I'm THAT kind of nerd).  The matrix? I loved ALL 3 of them, not just the first one! Mario Brothers? King Koopa got NOTHING on me! You already know about my Office obsession, BEARS BEETS BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA!!! I actually probably have more in common with Dwight then I would like to admit. 

I could go on and on and on....but there is one little other nerdy thing I love, maybe not MORE, but definitely equal to the others...


So I title this one today as:
My Mantra

So now given a little background on me, you can guess how much I FREAKIN LOVED this mug that my BF Amy and her hubster gave me for my B-day just about a month ago!  Now I know there are those of you out there that will have no idea what I am raving about. So I say to you, DON'T BLINK! BLINK AND YOUR DEAD! :) hahaha....You are like my own husband who amazingly missed every episode when I was watching... I mean it was there right IN THE CORNER OF HIS EYE !!! He's just a BAD WOLF I guess.  But really, it comes down to that there are some things that are BIGGER ON THE INSIDE THAN THE OUTSIDE. I mean, HELLO SWEETIE!!!! How could you miss this amazing show?!?!  What are you? a CYBERMAN of something?! It's so much more than it sounds! I guess it is HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, just netflix it!  I don't want to reveal any SPOILERS, but the Dr can travel through time and space! It's DALEKtable! Plus this series started waaaaaay back in the 1960s! (It took a break after 1989 and started back up again in 2005) NOTHING for a TIME LORD and his SONIC SCREWDRIVER!!!!   

OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT!!!!!! so what's in the mug you ask? WHO CARES!!!!! MWUAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!  haha... oh geez FINE I guess this technically is a coffee blog and I must talk about the coffee. So saith the BLOGITH OF COFFIES ! (page 58 addendum F...we are very serious about our blogging of the coffies)  
The coffee is so underwhelming that my focus was obviously on the rockin MUG! To be honest I didn't really have high hope for it when I bought it. What we have here is Original Donut Cafe Blend by Momento. It was like $4 at HEB, never heard of it before and I know now why. I mean, I couldn't even find a stock photo on the internet if that tells you anything. PLUS I had the HARDEST time trying to get the stupid thing OPEN! (yes I realize scissors would have solved this issue immediately...but where's the challenge in THAT?!)

It's not like it's horrible coffee or anything. It just wasn't GREAT.  It had almost no fact it didn't really smell good! It actually brewed better than it tasted.  I also have a sinking suspicion that if you actually ate donuts with this coffee it would compliment it very well. It just doesn't have a very strong flavor to it.  Like I said before, a little underwhelming.

And the Jess Rating?

A big Dr.Who Meh-ish

And what am I thankful for today?


you can buy this guy on my ETSY site!!!


  1. I got all of the references! Should I be proud or ashamed?

  2. I have always considered myself a nerd, but I am thinking I may be more of a geek. I am really into technology, read all the time and have tastes that are different than most peoples. But I do not like the typical nerd-classified things. I can't do Dr. Who. I hate anime. Star Wars and Star Trek are alright.

    I don't think I deserve to wear the nerd badge.

  3. Brett I think you are def leaning on the geek side...I have the pure awesomeness of being both. I do the tech stuff (that was my job till I had the baby) but then there are all the nerd stuff too. I think there are different levels of nerds and geeks... like if you are a geek who doesn't like apple, you are like a level 3 geek. Level 1 would be someone who liked all things geek...I think I might make this system official... next time...

  4. It does sadden me that you don't like Dr. Who though... :(

  5. I'm a huge nerd and I read a lot of geek-girl blogs. So...and yes, I realize how lame this is...I feel like I love Dr. Who. Even though I've never actually watched it. Shameful, I know.

    1. dreadful! but you know won't be shameful anymore!

  6. Yes!!! Do blog about the levels of nerd and geekdom.Please tell me what I am, a preppy girl who crushes on geeky nerdy stuff and married the King of needy freely stuff.

    1. Needy...freely.. LOL sorry for the typos. I am on my phone and I have a love hate relationship with auto correct.

    2. I LOVE auto correct. It helps me understand what I REALLY wanted to say, not what I typed :)

  7. Dr. What? Well, I have a confession to make. I don't know what that is so take me out to pasture and shoot

    My son, is a major nerd and he is so proud of it...I don't know him.

    1. ARGH! how do you not know? haha don't feel bad, I'm a bit of a geek so...yeah and it's really not an age thing, it's a GEEK thing. I guess feel lucky you're a "cool" person?? :) And i think your son is AWESOME :)


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