Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#39 SPAM...not the mystery meat kind

This morning I got this email:

(don't click on any links...I deactivated them, but just in case....YOU'VE BEEN WARNED)

Dawn Scott
I tried contacting you yesterday about the donation fund setup worth about $2M proposed by Mrs E. Keith. I am her Personal Assistant and I hope that you contact her immediately at her private email address below for more information:
Dawn Scott
PA to Mrs E. Keith

______________________________________________________________________This email has been scanned by the Symantec Email service.
For more information please visit

Really? Wow I don't even remember seeing that first email! Silly me! Let me just click on all links provided in your email that doesn't provide any REAL contact information.

 How STUPID do you think I or anyone else that reads that email is? I have to admit that this time its not some long lost cousin, or African dignitary that wants to transfer his wealth into my bank account...all I have to do is provide the routing number to my account!  But still....

Here is my face reacting to this email:

By the end of the email, I wanted to punch this "Dawn Scott" right in the Space bar.

Do you ever wonder who these people are? Sometimes I get the visual of Angelina Jolie  from the 95 Hackers movie
All cool with her red and short hair and piercings...

Then I start thinking it more of this type:

Still got the red shirt and short hair, but this is the kid that hacked into Justin Beiber's email and sent out his number after Beiber tweeted the kid's phone number. Smart kid, too much time on his hands.

But usually and I think really it's this:
Ahhhh the Nigerians.... Gotta love their persistence!

Oh Dawn Scott, did inspire me to write... 
so maybe I should be thanking you for the spam... maybe...

I'M DRINKING TEA THIS MORNING! IT was too much effort to brew so I thought boiling water would be less involved since apparently all my energy was used to write this post :)


  1. The photos of you reacting to the spam, are funny. Now how about pictures of you, eating SPAM? Some how I think those would look a bit different. :-)

    Oh tea doesn't do it for me in the morning. It has to be coffee. I'll even get in my car and go through the drive through, if I have to - (like if we're out of coffee, or the machine breaks down)

    Thanks for the morning smile.

    1. Tea is a poor substitute, but I was going to have starbucks later that day so I thought it would suffice...(it really didn't)

  2. I always wonder myself what those Spammers look like. Somehow I picture a unibomber type.

  3. Spam, the meat, is pork shoulder.

  4. Congratulations - I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Here's my post and you can read about the rules. Do as much or as little as you can. It's just fun to connect with other bloggers.


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