Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#36 Job Advise

I've been busy lately (no joke when am I NOT busy?) because I had been working for a production company that is producing a movie. THAT'S RIGHT. I said MOVIE!! haha We held auditions Friday for the pick up shots since they have already shot the movie but needed to add a few more characters and scenes to complete the directors vision.  

My job is to get the notice out to everyone that we are having auditions and to set up all the time slots.  We held auditions from 9am-4pm, with 10 min time slots for each person.  We had a full day scheduled. 43 people total CONFIRMED.  21 people showed up for their slot. 




This is me wanting to punch someone in the face.

Only 3 people let me know they were not going to make it to their time slot.

The only positive thing about this is that the people that DID show up did AWESOME. In fact, there were several people who "never did this before" and were unbelievably amazing.

So here are some TIPS for you in this job finding recession filled world:

1. SHOW UP - I know this is a no-brainer....but APPARENTLY this is NOT a no-brainer for some of you out there.... This is sort of a MUST people! If you don't show up, why in the world would someone hire such an irresponsible person? Flaky much?

2. DEODORIZE - If you do show up....please....PLEASE!!! TAKE A SHOWER! And if you take a shower....go that extra mile and PUT DEODORANT ON!!! This is such a small action that brings such a huge difference. If I can't hear what you are saying because I am so focused on your NASTY STENCH that is molesting my poor innocent are probably not going to get a great the job.... just sayin'.

3. STOP HARRASSING ME! - email is enough. One phone call is enough. Maybe...TOO MUCH? If you feel the need to send me your resume....7 times in one day....I'm not going to hire you simply based on the fact that you have ANNOYED ME! Annoying people do not get a pass. Why in the world would I want to work with you if you are annoying me before we EVEN MEET!?!??! Why would I punish myself like that? HA

                                                                 Well there you have it. Simple.

oh... and all those people that didn't show up? I emailed them all back letting them know they missed their time slot. Also considering making a page to show all hiring agencies every person that didn't show....just because I feel the need to tell everyone that these people are irresponsible and flaky! But that would take a lot more time than I want to invest :)

                                              AND WHAT AM I THANKFUL FOR TODAY!?!??!

                                                        My friend Amy who has the same humor as me.

                                                   Please enjoy our "Audition" for the *movie. HAHA
*This is not a real audition. This is a joke. It is MY it may not make sense or be funny AT ALL to you...just a little warning :) please don't be offended if one of the characters resonates with you. hahahaha


  1. DANG, how does one go for mediocre between serious BO offensive and resume harrassment? LOL!!!!

    1. Apparently when dealing with actors, you get a FULL SPECTRUM of "personalities" haha good times...sigh

  2. Oh, I love the video! I will have to watch it again!

    I only play in movies that star Brad Pitt, so you know, hook a sista up.


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