Saturday, June 9, 2012

#35 War

I am currently at war.

Yes technically we are ALL at war over in the Middle East, but what I am talking about is a personal war that I am actually engaged in. 

Usually wars consist of death, bombs, military and horribleness ....but my wars end up being more entertaining than the latter...although there is definitely a death that occurs.

The death I talk about is the death of your pride. The death of your need to look cool. And my weapon of mass destruction is....
How did this war start?!  WHO is Involved?!!? WHY!?!??!  WELL, My best friend Amy ( the one who gave me my Dr. Who mug ) Turned 30 and I and her other best friends decided to throw her an 80s themed murder mystery surprise party.  Let me just say...IT WAS AWESOME. 
The awesome 80s crew, birthday girl in the middle!

Well, the party was a high school "reunion" from the 80s so I made a bunch of photos from "high school" to remember us way back then.. haha. When I posted these photos on Facebook, Amy's hubby was....well....maybe embarrassed??? HAHAHA

It could have just began and ended there. But it didn't. He retaliated with THIS

Which is AMAZING.

 I actually made this my timeline header on my facebook profile! The thing is... It is VERY VERY hard to embarrass me. The reason for this is that I make an idiot of myself daily and put it on display for everyone to see...with eagerness! I think it's hilarious to laugh at yourself...which I do ALL the time!  So to "get me back" isn't really getting me makes me laugh! And then gives me a reason to keep it going!

So I in turn, sent him this to his facebook wall:

Justin Gaga anyone!?
So here is the back and forth for your pleasure!

Jessica Lincoln 

Justin Jackson

Jessica Beiber
Justin Spears

Jessica Stalin
Justin Hitler

Hubs and I reversed...

Justin as his wife

The thing is, once you start something with me...I will finish it. Always. I don't give up, and I have all the time in the world for counter attacks. :)

Your move Justin. Your move.


  1. DANG girl you have some serious talent!!!! My favorite pic is the chick wearing the red shirt with the yellow collar underneath and side pony. Classic 80's!!!

    1. So that one is a funny story too...the girl's friend on facebook remembered her that way and didn't realize it was a photoshopped picture of my friend aubrey. HA!

  2. LOVE it! So funny! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I debated if I should cut my hair that far the consensus is a no, but maybe one day!

  4. You two have some great photoshop talent and you seem to look great no matter who you are. That rocks Chickie-dee!


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