Tuesday, June 5, 2012

#34 Coffees and such

It's been a long time coming, but today is COFFEE REVIEW DAY!!! WHOOOO!!!! For all of you that don't drink coffee, (I'm still trying to get my head around that) bear with me :)  It's not all coffee talk! Ha.  Sort of.

Well we will just kick this one off with a good title:
Over her over there, is there a good coffee anywhere?

My mug is a fun little addition my hubby contributed from his Fed-Ex days in college. It says "Over Here. Over There. Any Weight. Anywhere."   They should have added...but it will cost you! Seriously, have you tried to ship a heavy item from ANY shipping place? You need a down payment and your first born.  

But I digress.  The Coffee I'm actually drinking is a re-heat from the night before....hahahah YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!!! Don't go all gross on me, it was very good! Hubs and I decided to celebrate our 8 years of marriage with some Mass Effect 3 and some decaf coffee with some "additions" to it. Mmmmmm YUMMY!  

1. Don't judge me that for our 8 years of marriage we played video games and drank "coffee"
2. We went out the day before with his parents that were celebrating their 40th anniversary. (Yes his parents anniversary is the day before our anniversary)
3. Mass Effect 3 is awesome.

Our conversation last night on our walk went a little something like this:
Me: So I played a level you haven't and you'll never guess what I found!
Hubs: What?
Me: A PROTHEAN that has been in stasis for 50,000 years!!!
Hubs: Huh
Me: Babe, A PROTHEAN. ALIVE. That's nuts!!!
Hubs: That's cool.
Me: We totally played the academy level too fast...did you kill Jack in ME2?
Hubs: Yeah, I did, I didn't mean to, but I kind of just left her back on the final level and didn't go back for her, so I guess she died.
Me: Well apparantly if you hadn't killed her she would have been leading the biotic students at the academy level.
Hubs: Dang.  

Yep.  This is my life.  I love it. Just read the Nerd vs Geek there are two parts. It explains my geekness :)

SO ANYWHO I totally got off track. Back to coffee.  I haven't written much about coffee lately because all the coffee I have been drinking have been just Meh-ish. No thumbs up or down, just blah.  They are fine, but not making me super excited to brew a pot. In fact I actually have gone several days with out even DRINKING  coffee! I KNOW!!! 

At least my decaf is probably the best decaf I've had ever.  It's from our local grocer HEB. Its the cafe ole Taste of texas Whole bean taste of hill country  medium roast blend. It's delicious. If you love coffee but can't have the caffeine...this is for you! It has vanilla and cinnamon tones in it. It's very smooth and not too bitter. Yummy yummy.

The other coffee's that I tried that were mehish were Molto dolce hazelnut coffee and the Joe Hazelnut coffee.  Maybe because I was on this hazelnut kick, I missed out on buying actual good coffee.... le sigh.

So jess rating for the meh-ish coffees is:

And the Cafe ole decalf is:
2 thumbs up, def go buy it

Please please please please please.... If you know of some awesome coffee that you just have to tell the world about...just tell me! I want to try it! You can tell me about it, or if ya want to be REALLY AWESOME, you can buy me some and let me try it out! I'll even give you an address where to send it to! I'm not too worried about you all knowing my address...I live in Texas, and our gun locker is well stocked :) HA! 

And what am I thankful for today?

My hubs.  8 years has flown and I love him more that I did when we started the crazy adventure :)


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!!!! LOVE the Meh-ish face!!!

    1. My meh-ish face makes me feel very yiddish! lol

  2. You should have prefaced with SPOILER ALERT! Lol!! You guys have the same date nights we have.

  3. You should have prefaced with SPOILER ALERT! Lol!! You guys have the same date nights we have.


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