Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#55 no kid vacation

Oh how I have missed THIS!!! The coffee is delicious, I'm just using 2% milk as creamer because at 12:37am the only thing open in Tahoe city was the shell gas station...which chips, bean dip, salsa, butterfingers and tea may also have been purchased....but that cannot be confirmed. :) 

The hubs and I have not taken a vacation just us since Santa Fe back in 2011 ... So it's been over 3 years. It is amazing to me how fast and slow time goes when children are involved. It's also amazing to me how giddy I was all day leading up to the vacation! 

Packing was surreal. Just in the carry on alone for once I didn't feel like the world worst pack mule. What? I don't have to pack a million things to distract my children into a duffle bag the size of my 3 year old?! I can just bring my book that I am actually going to READ on the plane?!?! I dont have to pack a case of diapers and wipes because even though I can buy them at our destination, You never know what butt explosions or super pee marathons may occur I the 6 hrs of airport time?!?!


I'll take it!! Hubs and I slept in, and now we are going to go eat breakfast downtown somewhere ... Sigh... Giddy!!!!


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