Friday, May 4, 2012

#30 A blonde, a brunette and underoos walk into a bar...

So I just want to say thank you to everyone that commented or read my last post on Post -Partum Depression.  I know its not my usual posting style, but hey, its nice to know others have gone through it too and if I can help anyone who is going through it now, then why wouldn't I?  If you are going through it, GET HELP!! You are not alone... (don't roll your eyes at me missy, make an appointment for your doc and get some good drugs in ya!)

Our babies!
SO, my sister and her family just came to visit last week and I had such a marvelous time! She has a little boy that is 2 months older than my little girl.  We were both prego at the same time, which was really cool since we were both first time moms.  Well, one of the main reasons they came was because we signed up to run SHAPE's DIVA DASH It was a 5k obstacle course.  

My sister has run many races before, but this was going to be my 2nd race ever! (Remember the first was that Valentines day race where the stupid ROBOTS won the costume contest?) I was really excited!! This would be the first race we were going to run together! We had talked about doing this for a while, but since the distance between us is GREAT (physically, not personally..shes in PA Im in TX) it had never panned out till NOW! 

She tried to talk me out of it a couple weeks before since NEITHER of us had trained...but I REFUSED!!! I wanted to do it! I wanted to make stupid costumes and make a fool of myself!  and i already paid $40 which I couldn't get back at that point. We were in. we were DOING IT!

We decided to be "SUPER SISTERS" and ran to walmart for supplies.  We found some men's underoos and fabric that I sewed into capes for us. WE ARE SO AWESOME. 
Me and sis in our SUPER SISTER garb

The race went pretty good...minus the moment where my sister took a BATHROOM BREAK in the middle of the race (in a port-o-potty not a bush), or that we walked almost half of it,  or that I was yelling at her the whole time to KEEP GOING! YOU CAN DO IT!!! 
Us not quite a mile in
 or the "incident" where she fell and twisted her ankle right towards the end and had the first aide crew assist her only to realize she was fine and her tears were unnecessary... (she really actually twisted it bad and i felt REALLY bad for her)...or when I realized our race time was over an hour to do a 5K!!!!  I had a great time and we "MADE SOME MEMORIES!" for sure.

Such a sad sad

So in honor of our SUPER AWESOME run, I have a mug a coffee with EQUAL awesomeness!

I title it:
I'll take the blonde AND the brunette!

In my head I'm saying "Heeeeeeey!"

OH YEAH! I found this wonder woman mug at Ross and HAD to buy it! I thought about giving it as a present to my friend Amy who got me the Dr.Who mug for her 30th....but i'm selfish and I really wanted to keep it :) I'm also wearing my DIVA DASH shirt they gave me that was 2 times smaller than what the tag said ( thank God I got a LARGE!)

And the coffee is just as awesome. My friend James told me I had to try out the new Starbucks Blonde Veranda Blend coffee, so I bought a package and checked it out for myself. It was around $9 from my local store. SO GOOD. I am I lighter roast sort of person, and this one just took the cake for me. It is smooth. yummy, not harsh at all. All around deliciousness. I highly recommend it! And I hear that it might have a higher caffeine percentage than other coffees....mmmmmm... just what I need...MORE caffeine! 

Jess Rating?
Two thumbs up, crazy jazz hands awesome, rocks my face off go buy it now!!!

And what am I thankful for?

Family and wonderful memories!


  1. We had such a wonderful time! And this post is about accurate... although you didn't mention the medical tent REFUSING me ICE for my VERY SWOLLEN ANKLE!!! JERKS... but I digress. SO, SO FUN... I love you and everything about that week! Talk to you soon Moo!

    1. Dang! How could I forget THAT!? THOSE JERKS INDEED!!!

  2. Renee Richard RiedelMay 4, 2012 at 2:52 PM

    Love this post...thanks for making me laugh out loud today!

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  4. I keep wanting to tackle the WARRIOR DASH, but can never get my calendar to line up. I have never done any type of race and might die, but I want to try it.

    1. Brett you need to just do it! Just sign up for one and make it happen! It's so fun and ADDICTIVE!!!


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