Thursday, November 1, 2012

#46 Halloween

I don't know when it happened, somewhere between having children and moving perhaps? No...It seems it has been a steady stream of decline from... maybe marriage?
Of course I am talking about getting dressed up for Halloween...or maybe just being invited to something that would require me to put some creative effort into my attire...*SIGH*
You see I LOVE getting dressed up in costumes... *cough* FOR EVENTS LIKE PARTIES OR HALLOWEEN...weirdos...sheesh No but REALLY I STINKIN LOVE TO GET DRESSED UP!!! It's so fun to get into character and really be that character. And YES I am a theater major...thanks.
Since lil fuss is about to turn 2, I realize I have been putting more effort into HER costume and completely forfeiting any will to create something fun for me too...
Last year she was a adorable, CHUBBY, fluff of an insect...I bought a "net" and was a Butterfly catcher...but ended up just returning the net because that was the extent of my costume. And it really seemed silly to walk around with a net that served no other purpose but to confuse people.
This year she's a pink poodle. I was thinking of attaching a leash to her and be a "dog walker" but again...I feel weird walking my 2 year old with a leash that is attached to her neck...doesn't seem ...i don't know, right? Kind of feels like CPS will come and arrest me the minute I post a picture of us lol.

notice the tights are making a revisit!
So for now I will have to just reminisce of past costumes, and try to make an effort to attend a Renaissance festival sometime soon :) Yes I am THAT person...not the sword people that practice in the park, just the dress up and eat turkey legs with no regard to napkins.
Here are some past looks :)
Fairy...(circa HS)

A little 80s?

Super Sisters!

Snow white...


Hat much?
a little housewife action

I dress up as my friend Stacy


way back...about 11 I think I'm a dog or something
Cowgirl up!

angry praire girl?




army princess pizza loving girl?



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