Friday, October 26, 2012

#44 I love you latte

Cold weather has found me in Texas and I couldn't be happier. And when I say "COLD WEATHER" i mean under 60 degrees...haha...oh texas...
My thoughtful hubby just bought me a new teapot...actually...technically it's my FIRST teapot!
I love my teapot FORLIFE
 I stinkin love it. Period. but you know what is even better? So I just bought a new creamer from coffee-mate called Vanilla Latte....
If heaven could be contained in a creamer would be this creamer. I have put it in both my coffee and tea and I think I have fallen in love...shhhhhh don't tell the hubs!!! hahaha
I think we all know what I'm rating this lot....
Crazy insane so good you will die if you don't buy it BUY IT!
And what am I thankful for?
I can do this with my hair, no hair accessories needed...
My awesome hair

Pull up in a ponytail..

make a knot

pull tight

look no hands!

and I'm ready for my public...

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