Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#41 Chick-Fila

So I decided to meet my friend today for lunch and picked Chick-Fila not realizing it was Chick-Fila appreciation day. 

Now, let me clarify something to everyone...please, before you go jumping the HATERS gun.

I have my own personal beliefs and convictions. If you would like to know what those are, I will gladly share them with you. I am a Christian. I think EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs EVEN if I do not agree with you.  SHOCK RIGHT?  I think you should show LOVE in every situation and I believe we as a nation are WAY too sensitive to each other when disagreements occur.

So that being said...

Holy mother the line was out the door... literally!

So being the internet guru that I am I took some pics and posted this to facebook and twitter:

I titled it " chick fila appreciation day"

well most of the comments I got were "likes" or  we are going too type stuff.

Until my, no longer a facebook friend, (she unfriended me right after her comment) Julie wrote,
"Glad you celebrate hate that's Christ like"


1. Way to stay classy and unfriend me after you write something mean on my wall
2. I'm sorry, how do I know you again? did we go to high school or something together?
3. So because I ate chicken, on this day, I supposedly HATE gay people.
REALLY?? What are we? 3?  

Let me be CLEAR.
I do not HATE Gay people. 
I may not agree with that lifestyle, but I don't agree with a lot of other lifestyle choices that people do.

And I CERTAINLY do not promote HATE. For the love...

It's called freedom. EVERYONE is entitled to it. Including miss Julie. We have it in this country and you can choose to use it or be silenced by fear of the bullies that disagree with you.

My friend Megan wrote this on her wall and I think it exemplifies my feelings in this matter to a T:

" God sees a persons heart. He knows if you are walking in hate or not. If you are, check yourself for we are called, even commanded to LOVE our neighbor and not be full of pride. But if your heart is pure with love, stand up for what you believe in full freedom! Do not be discouraged or angered by someone calling you a hater. Many people are blinded by disagreement and emotion. And sometimes those who tell you most that life is not black and white, choose to view you with monochromatic eyes. Most of all what I'm trying to say is, do not spit on your neighbor while not being conformed to the ways of their world."

So if you are offended by my post, I am truly sorry if you are, but if it is any consolation, I did drink starbucks yesterday :)  haha


PS!!! UPDATE:  If you like or don't like the way the laws are or how this country is run, that is why we have elections and vote. Get out and vote if you want change or if you want to keep it the same... that's also part of that whole FREEDOM thing!


  1. Did you see my most recent post on FB. The Melanie chick blocked me and reported my status to FB :-(

    1. Wow. Really? You didn't even write anything that I would consider "out there" or offensive! Again, back to the whole sensitivity thing!

  2. AMEN GIRL!!!!! Love your post!!!! My 16 year old son works at Chick-Fil-A and they are having a record breaking day at his store.

    1. How awesome is THAT!?!? Man, do you get an employee discount? i'm so jealous right now

  3. I'm not afraid to punch a girl in her kidneys.

    1. but you should be scared to try that one me...I didn't get my chl for the cool badge ;)

  4. I totally agree with you. It's a second amendment issue for me. I do have gays on both sides of the family. My husband's sister is gay and I have at least 1 male gay cousin. Also a good friend, came out of the closet a few years ago. It's hard, because we love them but have to stand our ground. ON Facebook, they post all this pro-gay propaganda and I believe they are still trying to convince themselves.

    We don't have a chick a fila near us. I've never tried it either. We did have some Wendy's and McDonalds, that put out signs saying they supported Chick a fila.

  5. Agree with you! Just wanted to share that. :) I too am a Christian, and while I am conflicted over what laws our country should have, at this time I can't see someone living and practicing in gay relationships as being compatible with my understanding of Christianity and the Bible. At the same time, I know several people (some in committed relationships) who I just adore - they happen to be Gay, but that really doesn't factor in to how I feel about them.


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