Friday, August 3, 2012

#42 Kissing Chicken

Sorry I was SO SERIOUS with my Chick-Fil-a post. I just really don't like it when I get put into a stereotype because I have a certain belief system....or really getting called a hate promoter because I ate chicken. Reminds me of my don't judge post...  It's a bit ....I present to you a facebook conversation that should be how we all handle hot topic issues. 


In case you can't hear sarcasm through the computer screen, let em inform you that the FB post is dripping with it... I don't want you thinking that my blog is about hate,sexism, dragons and coffee.... well it does involve that part is true :) haha

As for the Kiss ins being held today? Go for it, just make sure you buy a chicken sandwich while your is a business ya know :)

What am I thankful for today?

My Name is Jessica and I endorse this coffee

to stand for what you believe in....
to drink whatever coffee you want....
to be an idiot.

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  1. My facebook feed is just full of baby pictures. Yours seems better. And one can never have too many dragons in a blog.


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