Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#20 little rough Butte

I'm having a bit of a rough morning. Hubby and I were watching TV last night (Netflix)... side note: We don't watch real TV anymore, I was curious what was on last night and I was ASSAULTED with THE VOICE, THE BACHELOR, and that show with the funny overweight lady that  I keep thinking is KING OF QUEENS and she just put on a few pounds but it's something else.  And as I was turning Netflix on I felt and overwhelming feeling of WHO CARES?! (the Bachelor in particular... it was the final rose or something idiotic like that where they pretend to get engaged and then realize they were courting on a REALITY TV SHOW so things were not happily ever after when in REAL LIFE he has a horrible foot odor and she is a closet HOARDER....but I digress)  I will never get that time back...*sigh*  

ANYWHO...As I was saying, Hubby and I were watching "How stuff works" the CORN edition...trust me...corn is WAY MORE interesting than anything that comes out of Christina Aguilera's mouth...and towards the end I am totally passed out asleep on Hubby. Stay that way through the SALT episode and finally drag my body downstairs to bed.  Hubby is super tired too and apparently was also passed out during Salt.  This morning I was still exhausted! I actually asked my hubby if he drugged me.... which of course he did... JUST KIDDING hahaha!!! I have found one good thing about daylight savings...my baby girl sleeps past 8am now! 

Time for the coffee and mug!
Waking our Butte's up

From now on I'm going to save my coffee reviews for once a weekish. Even though I am going through POTS of coffee a day, its hard to review more than one a week because i can't drink it fast enough!  I'm sure everyone is cool with that :) Half of you people don't even DRINK coffee! haha weirdos

My CButte Mug
Look! Same Mt!!!
My mug is awesome. I found it at a thrift store and had to buy it.  Why you ask? Because I have a very special memory that me and hubby had in Crested Butte.  For the first 3 years of our married life, hubby and I lived in Colorado. It was paradise. I was so skinny there....SIGH.....lol ... anyway, near the end of our stint there we decided to go on a mountain biking trip to Crested Butte, with hubby's co-workers that we were very close to. So all spring we TRAINED. Like FOR REAL trained! We would bike almost everyday and got into crazy awesome shape!  It was great! So when the trip came, we felt very prepared. 

 Now I have to do another side note:  I have the tendency to fall or run into things....you may even call it CLUMSY....I have a bad track record. During training I had quite a few "accidents".... one time ran into a bright yellow pole...in daylight...yeah...so you need to know that before I continue. 

Crested Butte Village 
So we have been there a day or so and the time has come for our upper loop, upper upper loop and the lupine trail. I think it was equivalent to 6 miles of uphill windy trails or something and there were 5 of us. It started out really good. We were doing well, no one was dragging or had fallen too bad.  About halfway, hubby realized he was out of water.  We had forgotten to pack our camel pack for the trip so we just had a couple bottles of water and a Gatorade each. He had drank all his water and Gatorade and was hurting a bit. So I gave him my Gatorade since I still had most of my water left. And we continued on without a thought. We got to a really steep stretch downhill and were having a blast, when our leader J, took a bad fall. She flipped her bike and got wedged between a rock and her bike on her chest. It was pretty scary and I felt horrible for her fiance.  They stabilized her, (they are all in the medical field) after a little bit, she was able to get back on her bike, but she thought she had cracked her sternum, YEAH big OUCH! 
Crested Butte....SO PRETTY

Needless to say, we were all the way up the mountain and had to get her to the ER STAT! So we are booking it now down the mt. Hubby has just drank the rest of my water and is really fighting to keep up with us.  About a mile from our cabin, Hubby suddenly has to push his bike. His hands are cramping real bad and he can't stay on his bike.  I walk with him to the trail head and he collapses. He can't move, he can't drink, and he is really nauseous.  Diagnosis? Severe Dehydration. GOOD TIMES.  He along with J, piled into a car and sped down to Gunnison Valley Hospital's ER.  Hubby was so white he looked dead (apparently he actually could have died for real).  Really scared me. When we got there, they grabbed a wheelchair and ran him inside. He was given 2 liters of fluid to help him re-hydrate and was fine after a few hrs.  J, was x-rayed and she ended up being fine, bruised, no broken things THANK GOD. And ME?!?!?!?!?
Almost to the top...before J's Fall

I was the only one in the group who DIDN'T FALL the entire time and DIDN'T end up in the ER!!!!! 
Yea me. whoop whoop

And what am I thankful for today?

The 4th cup of coffee.... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


  1. HAHA. Jess...I love this cause it makes me feel close to you even though we are far away! I love you!! And I actually LOVE and faithfully drink COFFEE!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Tiff

    1. Tiff you need a blog. Seriously. Maybe you could write on mine one day...BUT ONLY IF ITS GOOD!! HA

  2. So want to go to Crested Butte! I believe you have the kind of life I could live vicariously through until we make our own adventures. LOVE THIS BLOG! - Megan

  3. Boy, you really had me hanging on the edge with that story. Obviously you did well due to your superb upbringing and mother's cooking. No coffee though:)

  4. I always wanted to bike through CA's wine country, but then I realized I wouldn't make it past the second winery before I would get busted for a DUI on a bike. Major buzz kill there!!!!


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