Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#23 Drugs, Singles, Cats, Bieber, and Coffee

Oh yeah, but first I was curious about where some of my traffic was coming from to my blog. As I looked up my stats on the google analytics I saw some interesting sites that were apparently referring urls. Can someone explain to me why BUYGENERICSFROMINDIA.COM, SINGLESCROWD.COM, CATDRINKINGSONGS.COM, and JUSTINBIEBERFANBLOG.COM are showing up as sites that people click before they click on my site? I HAD to investigate!!!
Definitions of referring URLS:
When a user clicks on a link in a web page, the user's browser moves to the specified link. When the browser requests the new page, it sends along the URL of the previous page. This "sent along" URL is called a referring URL.

Soooooo...... turns out YOU all clicked on those sites before coming to my site. Sheesh bunch of WEIRDOS! :) Apparently I attract the single, cheap-prescription, drug, Cat-song drinking, Bieber Fever- type of crowd...CHECK YEAH...(I'm secretly a little scared) No judgementjust AWARE now:)

Whatever, you all rock my face off! Not many people take to time to read my ramblings...BUT YOU DO!!! And in a way it makes sense that you all would find my blog amusing...I am not quite NORMAL either...haha

I title this:
Yikes! Stripes! Strong flavored Coffee!  
( fruit stripe gum song...anybody? anybody? early 90s anybody?)

So The mug is my fun hallmark mug I bought at a discount in Kansas City's Hallmark Headquarters. ( My sis-in-law works there and I got to shop in the "SPECIAL"store...it was awesome) I bought a bunch of mugs as gifts but kept this little gem for myself! It's ceramic but has a rubber top to go with it if you need to travel...or just kept a lid on it!

Now the cafe ole. I thought because i have had this brand of coffee before that it was going to be a winner winner...ended up being chicken dinner...if you know what I mean.  So I bought Caribou French Roast Bou-La-La.   Again, I LOVE the description of these coffee's. This once I sort of agree with though: 
Our darkest coffee conveys smoky richness with flavors if bittersweet cocoa and a snap of tart apple
First and foremost, I have NO IDEA where they are coming up with the tart apple. I tasted nothing that resembled tart apple. 
Second, they were half right when they said it was bittersweet. Just the bitter part, no Sweet. I had to add a butt-load of Steevia sugar to make that coffee tolerable for me to drink without reacting with twitches to the face...not hte best reaction you want ot have when drinking coffee.  It actually had a good flavor, but it was so strong that I couldn't focus on anything else.  AND this guys is like 9$ a back (12 oz) so it's a little more expensive.

Overall Jess Rating?
One Thumb Down...No Bueno for Yessica

And what am I thankful for today?

Whoever mad this:


  1. I hear ya about the referring URLs. I check out some of mine and I'm totally amazed where my readers come from. But hey, if they found you, kudos to them and you!!!!!

    1. Hey I'm oober grateful they found me...I would just be talking to myself and I do that too much already! :)

  2. A couple of my recurring referring URLs are foreign language sites. So I've click on them, used the Google translate feature and try to figure out where I've been linked from...

    no luck. Ever. It's a mystery!

  3. I love reading my blog stats! You find the craziest stuff on there. Who knew I had stalkers in Russia!

  4. My stalkers are all cute guys who are billionaires. They want me and my blog. yeah.

    1. You are SO LUCKY :) It's that dusty stove...it makes them wild with desire! :)

  5. My #1 referring URL is a viagra site. And 2nd most popular country is Russia too.


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