Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#18 my look

Sorry there will be no coffee review today I have a coffee to review... but i'm not feeling like it today :).It has come to my attention that apparently I look very different every time I leave my house.  I didn't pay much attention to the comments I would get until I hosted a makeup party at my house.  (please refer to my judge post and refrain from the judgement. I'm feeling it strong right now through the computer so STOP IT!) The lady who was selling the stuff came over early to set up. We will call her BEAUTY BETTY.  Well beauty Betty was getting done setting up when she stopped at my fridge looking at a family picture. This the conversation that proceeded. 
Beauty Betty: OH MY GOD! IS THAT YOU!?!?!  
Me: what?
BB: It has to be because there's your daughter!
Me: Oh yeah that was taken at Thanksgiving
BB: I don't believe it except that I know what your daughter looks like!
Me: Yep that's me!
BB: I mean, I wouldn't have even known that was you!
Me: well I did my hair and have makeup on?
BB: Wow it's like a different person entirely!
Me: Um...
BB: I'm sorry I just can't believe that's you!
Me:(now annoyed AND self conscious) Nope, it's me ha. ha. I clean up well. ha. Are you done setting up?

I left that conversation thinking...DEAR LORD HOW BAD DO I LOOK RIGHT NOW!? Granted I had no makeup on, I was in loungey clothes and my hair was in a bun, but...REALLY? I didn't think I looked like a totally different person. But then other similar conversations began to pop in my head. Like every time I start a new job it takes people a much longer time to remember who I am. It also in the same instance when I am remember it usually involves an exclamation of " OH JESSICA!!! YOU LOOK DIFFERENT TODAY! I DIDN'T RECOGNIZE YOU!"

Different can be taken as good, bad or different. I always assume it's bad. :)  So I have decided to put some looks together that i had over the years and you all can decide for yourself. 

And the picture that was on my fridge?

I don't see a difference.


  1. You are beautiful with or without makeup! I love your blogs! I love you! I love your daughter! I love your humor! Man are we related or something!? I love you! You are one of the coolest chicks ever! ;-) No kidding...I'm all serious! ;-)

    1. you are so sweet...of course technically we have never met so...this could all be a facade! :) haha love ya lady

  2. "THE" Jennifer GarnerMarch 7, 2012 at 3:02 PM

    Oh, and if I was to pick my favorite Jessica picture, it's a toss-up between the 1st one in the pink shirt (I have a fetching pic of me very similar to that) and the Flyers pic (SOOOOO you....maybe it's you, not sure). Love you!

  3. The photo collage was awesome. Great idea.

    1. Why thank you, you should totally do it, it's quite fun and you can sum your life up in like one picture haha

  4. I have a confession to make, and don't hate me, but I had already thought you had different looks with the pictures that were already up only I was thinking it in an absolutely good way. I do love your family pic at the bottom of the collage.

    You are gorgeous and honestly, I can only pull one look off! You are amazing and ya know it!

    1. How could I hate you? Really? You who had a gator AND a shopping cart fight with a "walmart" guy? You make me laugh so you're off the hook.:)


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