Sunday, March 4, 2012

#17 Priorities

Dear Coffee Blog,

I know that I have neglected you for over a week. I haven't written, haven't posted anything funny, haven't made any silly photoshopped pictures of myself on you.  If it makes you feel better, I have been drinking coffee everyday, but the truth is, I don't feel too bad about not writing...turns out you were taking a lot of time away from my ADORABLE little baby girl and hubby...I'm not quitting you, I just needed a little time to prioritize :)

While I was away I got to go to the park with my little girl and watch her slide down a slide all by herself for the first time!

We went to the thrift store and bought some new books that we sat and read together over and over and over....AND OVER again.

I actually took time to do my devotional BEFORE I opened the computer. I dusted off my camera and put it and Photoshop to some different use:

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I did a bunch of other stuff including celebrating with my closest friend the near arrival of her second baby.  It was a small group of us that celebrated, but what we lacked in size we made up for in AWESOMENESS :)  haha. We ate a glorious place called The Steeping Room.  

"The Steeping Room is committed to bringing you natural and organic teas and foods whenever possible. We avoid the use of artificial ingredients or flavorings. We favor strong relationships with small and local producers, manufacturers and growers whenever possible."

 This is probably one of my favorite places because they have the BEST chai tea. and like hundreds of others to choose from.  But on this occasion I decided to try something different because I ALWAYS get the same tea.  (note to self: the reason I get the same tea is because i know it's awesome and therefore don't have to worry about getting nastiness instead) I descided to go on a limb and get Jasmine Green (Organic), Fujian, China,. My waitress said it was different but good so I went with it. 
Looks innocent enough right? Even good right?  WRONG! The best way to describe this tea is to say it tasted like my BACKYARD.  And not in a good way....not sure how backyard could be taken in a good way, but just so that we understand each other...BAD!  It smelled like honeysuckles and tasted like a grass dirt combo.  Gross. I actually sent it back and ordered my Chai...


We the party headed back for cake and presents and someone asked if anyone wanted YES PLEASE! I know I just drank a pot this morning, a pot of chai and a couple of Dr Pepper Slushies, but how could I say no to COFFEE?

So the brewing commenced and suddenly this beautiful aroma wafted into the air. It was of yummy vanilla, coffee and something else that I can't quite put my finger on but it smells SO GOOD. I am suddenly sucked in like a TRACTOR BEAM (geek coming out) and somehow I have already poured a cup. Cream?! Sugar?! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I want this one in it's purest form!!!

 They gave me a Las Vegas mug which was their "coolest" mug in the cupboard. and I gladly accepted it even though I do not have fond feelings toward the place in particular...(I worked in a casino a long time ago and don't have any warm fuzzies for the industry. It's dirty. It smells.  It's gross. period. . .   . )

The coffee is a Starbucks Natural Fusions Vanilla ground. And it is GLORIOUS! Seriously.  I looked up the cost and it looks like it runs around $9 for 11oz.  So a little more expensive, but not breaking the bank.  I drank the CRAP out of that coffee! I'm actually not sure if anybody else in the group got any (sorry gals!) That yummy aroma that drew me into the pot actually transferred to the brewed cup! It was delicious. Hands down awesome. AND THAT WAS BLACK! I bet if I added any other goodies to it, my face would have been rocked clean off. For real.  Thank you Carrales for sharing your sweet sweet coffee with me. I will have to go buy some for myself...or just come over more often :)


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  1. You brought back great memories of you, your baby girl, and The Steeping Room. What a wonderful, happy time. So smart to go there again! Sorry to hear about the tea. Don't stop trying other teas--as you know, one can always send it back. You have made me curious about this coffee you enjoyed...we'll see. Love you serendipitous writing style....and YOU of course.


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