Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#21 My Dogs are KILLING me!

 I own 2 dogs. We got them both from the local shelter...not because we want to SAVE the dogs, I mean that's sweet and all too, but because we wanted to SAVE money and not do what I did in college and spend $600 + on a mutant uni-testi, Rat dog. 
                                                              Rat dog started off like this:
Ooo Cute Puppy!!!
And turned into this:
I've never met a dog so JACKED up. He had double incisor teeth that needed to be removed. He would snip at anything male, and  when we tried to cut his hair.  He didn't have a testicle descend so he needed surgery for that. We were told to get him neutered to calm him down and instead it made him CRAZIER.  And what's worse, we got him as a puppy, a SWEET LITTLE PUPPY! and he just turned evil.   No joke. (I'm sure my rearing skills as a college student had NOTHING to do with it) We gave him away to a sweet lady I worked with who made him a muzzle and a cape. Changed his name to Mister Bigglesworth and claimed him a Gay dog. Done and done.  I've never been so happy to get rid of an animal before in my life.

So this time around we went to the local shelter and only spent $80 which INCLUDED neutering/spaying! DEAL! Our first dog is Sadie. Or as we refer to as Sadie-dog.  We got her first in fall of 07. We thought she was cute and noticed she didn't bark like all the other dogs. She's a lab/Blood hound mix, so her droopy face is quite cute.  This is me outside the shelter the day we got her:
Yes she is peeing in this picture.
They told us she was about 1 1/2 years old and was done growing. They also didn't think much of the white mark on her head which looked like she got hit or knocked by something. THE SHELTER LIES.  She was NOT 1 1/12 years old, she was closer to 7 months old...aka PUPPY, and she was NOT done growing. She was 50lbs and now after almost 5 years, she is 81 lbs.
This is Sadie now:
She is a MASSIVE beautiful dog that is the STUPIDEST dog I have ever met. Remember that white mark on her head? Apparently she got bonked or abused before she got to the shelter, so she has this amazing ability to completely block you out while staring right at you (like my hubby sometimes haha) or she'll focus on a bird or a smell and nothing else will exist in her world. Plus she has this NEED to be touched at all times. The picture is very accurate depiction of her trying to sit in my lap. She has no concept of personal space. If our other dog is getting petted, she will wedge herself between the two to get pet instead. She did this once to me and my baby girl which didn't bode well for the Sadie-dog.  Do not MESS with mamma bear's cub...even if you were here first.

Now we got our other dog in order for Sadie to have a companion and in hope of her being distracted enough to not eat every plant in sight or destroy our patio furniture.(it didn't really help)  His name is DUKE.  Duke is an 86 lb shepherd mix. Duke is AWESOME. I love duke. Duke is what every dog should be. He's cuddly, he is loyal, he's great with the baby and he can kill random vermin that enter our backyard illegally.
This is Duke when we first got him from the shelter. Again, he got neutered so he had to wear this ridiculous cone (which he ended up destroying and tearing out his stitches 3 times... but I digress...)
Looks a little crazy but he's awesome
 This is Duke now:

I love Duke. Did I say that already?  Great dog. This past weekend hubby and I came home from a date. We pulled up to our home and there is Duke just chillin' outside the garage. We were like, "hey Duke?whatcha doing out here? Where's Sadie? "  Duke was like.... NOTHING HE'S A DOG!!!  haha Anyway looked around the fence and found a lovely hole in the fence 3 planks deep. STUPID DOG.  Hubby was not happy.  But then he thought...HEY! maybe she is gone now forever! No more Sadie dog!!! YEA!!!!  We walked into the house and we had a message...yep...some poor guy had her. he ran away from her thinking she was going to attack him...apparently scared the POOP out of him! She caught him and started licking he was relieved to find her friendly.  So I went and picked her up.

And that was the day we almost got rid our  Sadie-dog.
(ps: she started digging in the same spot the next day after hubby repaired the fence...
and that was the day Sadie-dog almost died)


Oh venti non-fat chai latte how I love you


  1. haha I love dogs. They are so funny and I am glad Sadie lived after all!

    1. We are too, even though we complain, I would be sad to lose the Sadie dog...she's just too stupid to know any better!


  3. Girl, I have a stupid lab too. You just look at her and know that there is just nuthin' behind those eyes. Total empty space. DUH!!!!!!!!!

    1. I've never had a blood hound before, but man, something with the lab /bloodhound combo just breeds Super dumb!

  4. Too funny! We went through something similar when my brother & his wife didn't want the adorable cocker spaniel puppy they bought from a kennel (for big bucks). We took her immediately. "Katy" was our first pet. She was the cutest little thing ever--and she cost us a small fortune in vet bills because she was so damn sickly. :-o But we loved her and she loved us until it was time, many years later, for her to go to doggie heaven. :)

    1. My first dog was a cocker spaniel too! Cryano was his name. Ahhh poopy (his nickname)he was a prima donna if a dog could be one, he was. but we loved him! he's in doggy heaven too now :(


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